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Be At One Summer Cocktail p1

Sitting on a high stall surrounded by the people I love having the best night. Music is blaring, banter is high and most importantly drinks are flowing. Summer is the perfect time for cocktails. Sweet cocktails, ice cream cocktails, sour ones and harsh ones – you name it, Be At One have got it! My favourite cocktail bar to go to – I find myself planning my days out around cocktails rather than actually going out! Their cocktails are so brilliant and so tasty that I’ve had to share my top picks with you! Here’s my Be At One Sumer Cocktail Part One!

b@1 prinstar

The Porn Star Martini

A hugely popular cocktail amongst us girls this year. A light and peachy drink served with a shot of prosecco. This fruity tipple is the perfect girls night out accompaniment with its classy long stemmed martini style glass. It is light enough to not sit on all that pizza you’ve eaten (we’re all the same girls, it’s ok!). It’s dainty and girlie enough to look the part but it also packs the punch you’d want from a cocktail!e

Be At One chains are so lively and fun blaring out music – I mean the best cheesiest music! You’ll love this gorgeous mix of Vanilla Vodka, Passion Fruit puree and syrup, Passion Fruit Liqueur and a shot of Prosecco! All shaken up and served in an ice cold glass with half a passion fruit floating on top. A real show stopper!

porn star martini

Traditionally, you are supposed to sip the Prosecco to cleanse your pallet then sip the Porn Star Martini for that sweet hit. But, me being me, I just tip the whole shot into the cocktail and go on singing Tina Turner or whatever classic cheesy tune is on!

This is my first Cocktail of Summer Sixteen because it’s just so popular! If you haven’t tried this – where have you been? This cocktail is classy but all the alcohol you’ll need for a sweet night out!

What’s your favourite cocktail? Have you had a Porn Star Martini yet?



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