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Veeno Reading

Who loves wine?
So, erm, if you didn’t nod vigorously or shout “me”, then, I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends!
If, however, like me you’re a bit of a wino and can’t think of anything better than a wine fuelled Saturday night propped up with delicious food and amazing service, then have I got the post for you!

This week, I was lucky enough to be invited to Veeno in Reading for their wine tasting! And, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen it all unfolding on my Stories!

So, can we, first, talk about decor?

Like so many bloggers out there, I am forever on the hunt for super Instagrammable backdrops, cute decor and anywhere I can take cute photos for my feed! All for the ‘gram ya feel me?

Veeno Italian Wine Cafe in Reading has that done and ticked and loving life! Fairy lights galore, rose gold chains and cage features, dimmed light bulbs, Earthy tones and wood features.
It’s every blogger’s dream!

Wine tasting is one thing I can’t even pretend I’ve done seriously. I love a good glass of wine, I am typically a red drinker from years of abusing the cheapest white wine in the offie at Uni, and there is no spitting out of wine when I’m tasting.

So, walking into Veeno was a new one for me. And my pretences were completely shattered as soon as I did.

First up, the service was INSANE.
Probably the best service I’ve ever had on a busy Saturday night in a bustling town in Autumn! Matt, our server, knew so much about the wines, the food, the grapes; he completely sold the entire evening to me!

Veeeno has it’s own vineyard in Italy owned by one of the owner’s parents which makes most of their wines completely unique to Veeno cafes and their stock! They don’t sell their Rose in Italy at all and it was deisgned purely for England and it really is something special!

We tasted two whites, their only rose, two reds and a delicious dessert wine. Each wine was complimented by food, be that cheese, meet, sun dried tomatoes or their amazingly delicious tiramisu!

Make sure you ask for my favourite Red on their entire menu – the Perricone. Paired with meat like parma ham and prosciutto it is dark and earthy with an after taste of liquirice. It is light without being too airy-fairy and it isn’t harsh in the slightest. It’s one of those wines you can easily drink, you’d get through a bottle each before you’ve even covered social affairs!

Veeno is an Italian Wine Cafe and not a typical restaurant so don’t go in expecting huge main meals and wine as an after thought. Wine is the main player here and its WHY you should be going to Veeno.

I love wine and I loved the entire experience and feel of the place.. our amazing waiter Matt had such an extensive knowledge of the grapes, the sugar contents, the flavours, the scents. You name it, he knew anything you could ever need to know about wine. And he also knew which wine went perfectly with each item on the menu!

I am all about a cheeky gossip over a veeno with some meat and cheese and the entire feel of Veeno Reading 100% accommodates that!

So, if you’re after brilliant wines at a brilliant price, amazing service, delicious nibbles and the best tiramisu I have ever tasted… well it’s really a no-brainer isn’t it!?

Veeno, I LOVE you and I’ll back very soon!



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