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A Tapas Revolution In Royal Windsor

OK, Winter is definitely here now. As I type this post I am sat inside with rain hammering down around my house, I am under a blanket and I am living my best life! Memories of summer are long gone and it’s full steam ahead for everyone my blog to Christmas. The festive season is almost upon us, the Christmas adverts are starting and all the best Autumn/Winter/Christmas tv is on too. It’s a great time to be a hermit crab, like me! But if I could just have a snippet of feeling like I’m on holiday, I’d go for it, wouldn’t you?
Recently, I got to step back into my summer of love and pretend for one night only that I was back in the Spanish heat, eating all of my favourite foods with the one I love..
A Tapas Revolution has hit Royal Windsor!

You may have been following my Stories on Instagram (follow me here) when I visited this cute little corner restaurant nestled on Castle Hill in my beautiful home town of Windsor.
As far as blogger transparency goes, I was gifted an evening of Tapas for a review and a couple posts on Social Media. But I enjoyed the evening so much and what the restaurant stands for as well it’s brilliant owner and chef Omar that I felt the need to physically write down my review and share it on the blog!

You guys know me by now, I am brutally honest, I am not a sell out and I don’t promote things that don’t fit for me or that I don’t believe in! So you can always rely on me when I say that something is amazing, I bloody well mean it!

What was so good about Tapas Revolution?
Well, everything really!

I visited this lovely cosy restaurant on a week night after another long day at my new job and was welcomed warmly by Spanish waiting staff, a beautifully and authentically decked out restaurant, delicious food and a proper holiday feeling! Omar the chef and founder was incredibly passionate about his restaurant and his ethos – it was infectious!

My fiance and I absolutely LOVE Tapas, we had it so many times on our summer holidays this year in Tenerife and whenever we have a Spanish break, it’s our dinner of choice. So, we know what makes good tapas and what makes not-so-good tapas!

And let me tell you, as soon as I strolled into Tapas Revolution on Windsor high street, not only did I feel as if I had just stepped off the air plane but the food was INCREDIBLE!

The food was so authentic and delicious. We tried all sorts of traditional Spanish dishes thinking that we may possibly leave feeling peckish but that couldn’t be further from what happened!

From the huge portion of patatas bravas to the delicious king prawns, we were in food heaven! It all tasted super fresh and as if it had all been cooked just for us!

The wine list is huge and as a big red wine lover and a fussy one at that, I found a gorgeous red that I fell in love with!

My highlight of the night?

It’s got to be the churros with the most luxurious melted chocolate dipping sauce! Every single time I go to Spain (I’ve already been twice this year) I always go on a hunt for authentic Spanish churros – the best are usually the ones sold boiling hot and fresh as you can get on a street corner by an old Spanish lady!
Well, the churros at Tapas Revolution were definitely on par with those!

Tapas Revolution are a fairly small chain right now – but not for long! If you are ever in Windsor or near any of their other branches you absolutely HAVE to pay them a visit and get in holiday mode – even just for a couple of hours!

Find your local Tapas Revolution here!




  1. Pink Serenityx
    November 25, 2018 / 6:23 pm

    This sounds amazing and its making me hungry girl! I need to go out more hahah x x

  2. Amy Jones
    November 28, 2018 / 4:02 pm

    Churros are the most amazing dessert ever! You’re making me hungry.

    Amy | hookedonthemusic.com

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