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The Feel Good Box Review

Hello, it’s me with more beauty fixes to help you over the line and get you buying and investing more and better beauty bits! I live to serve and I love it! Today I am sharing with you an exclusive box from The Perfume Society and The Beauty Bible! Here’s my full and honest review of the latest Feel Good Box!

This incredible box is an exclusive collaboration between The Perfume Society and The Beauty Bible – it is filled with hand picked and award winning beauty items that I have loved taking my time to review! Let’s dive in, shall we..?

In this amazing box you can find…

As you can see this box was jam packed when it landed on my doorstep. It was filled with many beauty bits, lots of skincare items and also some posh chocolate! Winner winner!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

This lovely cleanse serum is perfect on my sensitive skin and it is the perfect little slice of heaven after a long day!

Neal’s Yard Rose Beauty Balm
What more can I say about this balm other than it smells incredible, it’s soothing and it works on my dry skin!

I’ve only ever heard good things about Neal’s Yard as a brand and I was so excited to see this inside of the Feel Good Box – in fact, it was the first thing I used from the box!

Temple Spa Peace Be Still

I love anything from Temple Spa. Their ranges are some of the best and they are always something I try and treat myself to when I’ve had a good week! Because if you can’t treat yourself when life is good, when can you?

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil

I have tried my fair share of skin oils. As a beauty blogger, I am fortunate enough to be able to try many different brands and many different skin oils. But I can honestly say that this night oil from Aurelia is the best! It is gentle on my skin; it isn’t gloopy or too oily (sounds weird but believe me, I’ve tried some brands that made me feel like I’d dipped my face in fish and chip oil!) and ti sinks into my skin really nicely! There is no left over residue and I’ve mastered the art of not getting it everywhere as it quite set!

Olverum Bath Oil

This girl LOVES a bath! I can think of nothing better than getting home from work and running myself a boiling hot bath with a good book and a hair mask! This bath oil not only smells like heaven, it gently coats your skin and pulls you into a luxurious haven!

This Works Stress Check Roll On

And it does! It really works! I have quite a stressful job, like many of you lovely readers, and stress for me presents itself in many ways on my body. Eye lashes fall out, I get flare ups on my skin and I don’t sleep properly. But since using this roll on, my stress levels have faded and I have felt better in my own skin. It’s amazing!

Molton Brown Bathing Oil

If there were a brand that I love and buy again and again, it would have to be Molton Brown! They are my home ware addiction! Any time I see something of theirs, I buy it. It really is a compulsion that I can’t help! This gorgeous Bathing Oil is pure delight! I don’t know how I’d gone this long without trying it but since using this entire bottle in one bath, I’ve gone out and restocked – enough for a few years!

Lastly, when a beauty box and blogger mail comes with posh chocolate, you have got to be happy!

Green & Black’s Organic White Chocolate

I love chocolate, I am usually more of a white chocolate button girl when it comes to quality but this beautiful bar from Green & Black’s didn’t last five minutes in my house! The pops of vanilla and creaminess meant that it was demolished in one evening watching a film on the sofa with my man! Oops!

You can get your hands on this amazing exclusive Feel Good Box by hitting this link!


** This Feel Good Box was sent to me in return of this honest blog post **


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