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New In | Impress Nails

It’s no secret that I am a nail art addict. If you’ve ever visited LoveRosiee before you will know that this blog channel was created with the idea of creating new nail looks to share with potential followers. My blog Instagram (you can follow me here) was also created to share my new nail art creations. But LoveRosiee has evolved much quicker and down much different paths than first intended. However, my heart still lies with nail art and nail love and I am lucky enough to work with incredible brands like Impress Nails and Kiss Nails.. and so here is their new in for Spring!

You may have seen in my recent Insta Stories this incredible blogger mail that I cracked open on the Easter weekend. Inside a huge box from Alex Silver PR was loads of new nails and the new gel range from Impress Nails.

It’s no secret that I love these stick ons, many a time I’ve been running late to a night out, realise I’ve forgotten to do my nails and simply stick on some stylish plastics and go! The amount of times I’ve stuck on a set in the back of a taxi or on a train is uncountable!

Some people still aren’t aware of these nails and think that they are the ones we had back when we were kids, the Halloween witches nails, you know the ones!? Well, we’ve come a long way since then! These nails are super stylish and on point, they don’t kill your natural nail or bed underneath and they can last days with proper care.

Add to that the celebrity brand ambassadors, Billie Faeirs, Pixie Lott, Kaz from Love Island and Leona Lewis, it’s time you sat up and got on board with the hot nail trend with Impress Nails!

As you can see from my flatlays, there are many amazing new styles for Spring/Summer. I love a statement nail and so having the odd glittery one or marble nail works for me!

My favourites usually involve some sort of glitz and glam but as any blogger will tell you, our heart lies in the land of marble!

I can’t wait to show off these nails in the next few weeks and share them with you guys!



*Items in this post were gifted in lieu of an honest blog post*


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