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LQ Beauty | First Impressions

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a first impressions post and I am true and firm believer in a post that gives you the scoop and hopes before diving deep for a review weeks or sometimes months later! I am hot on making sure I know a product inside out and backwards so that you do not waste your money off the back of a review by me. You simply cannot give a full and honest review in a couple of days. That’s where First Impressions come in.. so here is LQ First Impressions…

LQ Skin, Hair and Nails approached my recently about working together as they had heard that I am something of a vitamin/supplement addict. I actually worked with them years ago when LoveRosiee was not even a year old and loved their products and wanted to see the evolution of the brand as well as the product in 2019!

First impressions are: in this box there are ten days worth of little test tube like mini drinks – I’d say each tube is around 3 mouthfuls.

The taste is mega citrus, almost a little too sharp for me but I am not a citrus fan! They aren’t fizzy but do need a good shake before you drink them otherwise you’ll be hit with some thicker bits at the bottom when you least expect it!

I am super excited to spend the next ten days trying out these little shots of goodness. The thought behind them is that they are filled with collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, biotin and more! They are supposed to encourage hair, skin and nail health and strength – something I am certainly in the market for!

Stay tuned for my full and honest review coming soon!



*Items in this post were sent on a gifted basis in return of an honest blog post*


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