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Bioderma | First Impressions

Hands up who else is obsessed with skincare!? I feel like I spend half of my waking hours talking about my evening and morning skincare routine with others and the other half actually executing it! And I love it! Skincare is so important and working with amazing brands like Boderma make my skincare life easier.. here is my first impressions of Bioderma!

Before this post, I had never had the pleasure of working with or even sampling anything from Bioderma and what a mistake that was! An incredible brand that somehow managed to slip under my radar – but no longer!

My skin is a mix of oily in places but super dry on others. I get flaky skin between my brows and sometimes that skin sits in my brows and no amount of subtle swiping gets it away – one reason why I don’t fill in my brows! I have an evening skincare routine that I feel does work for me but when these beauties from Bioderma landed on my doorstep I abandoned them and opted for Bioderma only!

I can’t wait to see how my skin changes and adapts to the new regime – the range sent over from Bioderma is one to focus on hormone-affected skin which is definitely where I feel my skin lies. I am 26 – almost 27 but my hormones generally play havoc with my face!

Stay tuned to see how t goes, how my skin reacts and a full and honest review!


*Items in this post were sent as part of a gifted review*


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