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Summer Wishlist

Let’s talk summer.

Let’s talk about what we want for the best season of all. Whether it be beauty, fashion items or skincare, this summer you can literally have it all with my help! So, who else loves summer!? It’s the season of sunshine, drinks till sun down and fun! It is the time to show off your best bits and dress up! I LOVE summer – I am 100% a summer bean and I have some amazing bits on my wishlist for you all to enjoy!

Now, Summer for me revolves around shopping and sunshine! I love nothing more than waltzing around Victoria’s Secret in shorts and flip flops but skin care and summer prep is so important before you transport yourself to knicker shopping!

First up on my Wishlist is an amazing brand of sun screen. It is all about P20 in my house. As soon as that BBQ gets rolled out and the Sun puts his hat on, we stick up on P20!

It’s a one time application (as long as you don’t jump in and out of water etc.) no promises in my house though! It is light and smells divine! It isn’t sticky and it goes really really far. It’s a cute little bottle and it wont break the bank! Up at the top of the list for my Summer Wishlist!

Summer isn’t summer without a good quality body scrub! Bloomtown Botanics are an amazing brand I found through my favourite subscription box, Little Known Box! This gorgeous scrub is a dream for tired skin. Exfoliating is so important for good skincare in the summer and with the amount of sunshine and fun I plan on having – a good quality scrub is much needed!

It’s not harsh or tart – in fact all I can say about it is, it’s friggin’ perfect!

Summer isn’t summer without Sandals! Primark have got some amazing bits in store at the moment and I couldn’t resist these beautiful pink and gem encrusted sandals that slip on and off like a dream. Summer days and late evenings when the sun goes down are built for comfort without having to sacrifice style. I am all for zero fuss and maximum effect!

These beautiful sandals were a friggin steal and I know they’ll last the entire summer of walking to the pub!

 These amazing products are definitely a must for Summer 17! P20 is a must but these gorgeous products are needed!

The Eco Care wipes are an amazing tool for hair care. Rub them on your scalp gently and they encourage hair growth and health. We all know that we abuse our locks over the summer with the sunshine, the chlorine and more so these bad boys are literally a hair saver!

The Nivea face cream is the gentlest and smoothest thing I have ever put on my face! It is a must have to soothe sun battered skin and tight or torte skin that has seen far too many cocktails and sunshine!

What do you think of my Summer Wish List?

What would be on yours?




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