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Spring 17 | Satin and Embroidery Trends

The nights are drawing out, the birds are cheating in the mornings, you’re bathed in some sunlight – more and more everyday. Yes, it’s safe to say, Spring is on it’s way! I love spring! I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love spring! It holds so much hope for everyone and it holds the key to what fashion and the best trends are going to look like for the coming year. And I love it! I’m here sharing some wisdom with you and some hot picks of some of he best picks from the hottest trends coming this spring! 

Satin and Embroidery! 

Now, I am going to be straight up with (would you expect anything less?). While I love the satin trend, none of it – and I mean none of it – suits me! I am far too lumpy, bumpy and squidgy to pull any of it off! So I’m going o be your cheerleader on the sidelines f ethics trend! 

I love the trend and think that when it’s carried out properly and classy it’s gorgeous! These picks were just complete no-brainers for me! So easy to pick in a sea of satin! So classy and so on trend with some offering statement sleeves and some offering some embroidery – a nice intersection of lots of different spring trends! 

Life satin is your thing (bow son to you and your figure if it is) then you will be spoilt for choice with this trend! It is everywhere! 

The embroidery trend that seems to be new on the scene isn’t! You may have seen hints of it last summer and it was definitely there in the blogger world! Those ahead of the trend and lucky enough to feature certain brands have been sticking and ironing patches onto their jeans since last year! Now it’s a bit more widespread, you don’t even need to do that! 

The high street and online have cottoned on and you can now get your hands on everything embroidered. From bomber jackets to filets to pairs of jeans and even shoes and boots! It’s definitely a trend I am finding easy to get behind! 

You can find these gorgeous picks online at:






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