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April’s Little Known Box

So, I don’t need to go over this again, do I? You lot already know which subscription box is my fave, right? Of course you do, because I’ve only been banging on about the same subscription box for months. But, if you’ve been living under a rock or this is your first visit to my blog (hi!) then you’ll be buzzing to know I am talking about the AMAZING Little Known Box! Here’s what you can find in their April addition – spoiler alert, it’s bloody good!

Yes, Little Known Box is a little gem. Every month you get sent the best products from the best brands that are at the forefront of the cruelty free and vegan friendly world! the beautiful ladies over at Little Known Box work their butts off every month to help and support smaller brands and smaller bloggers and influencers. they work tirelessly on finding the right products that will fit effortlessly into each month’s box and work so hard in promoting their own work as well as the brands incorporated and the bloggers too! It is not an easy job but those legends make it look effortless. Snaps for Little Known Box!

In this month’s fabulous Box you will find so many goodies that I am so happy to share!

Made By Coopers Bath Salts

These amazingly floral and not at all scratchy bath salts are a bloody God send! But, first up, let’s talk about packaging. If there was a medal for the most Instagrammable and yet oh-so-simple packaging, that gong would go straight to Made By Coopers! The brown bag look is so beautifully elegant and so untouched! As soon as I got it, I literally took a thousand photos and flat lays of it for the sheer purpose of Instagram #bloggerprobs!

The Vanilla Rose scent is good enough to eat and the salts are vegan and organic too! The company handcraft each product in small batches and it really does feel as if you’ve waltzed into a spa whenever you pop open the bag!

A Bit Hippy Natural Deodorant

So, if ever my inner hippy and peace loving soul were to be welcomed out, it would be with the power of a product like this deodorant! This Australian brand have smashed it with their all natural based deodorant that has worked wonders on my neglected under arm skin. I never thought that you could roll on a deodorant and not feel a sharp squeeze of pain or a burn but, yeah, you can! And with A Bit Hippy you can do it guilt free with the knowledge that their incredible products are all natural and not filled with aluminium and all sorts of bad stuff you’d find in your normal roll ons!

Apple & Bears Luxury Body Wash

Now, as a blogger I am lucky enough to trial a hell of a lot of body creams and body washes. But, when I say I have fallen in love with the Apple and Bears range, I am being deadly serious. A body wash that’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans? And one that is so soothing and perfumed that doesn’t dry out your skin in the height of sun bathing season? Massive win from me! This is one I have been hinting about for ages to my Mum, so, erm Mum if you’re reading, here’s where you can get it!

Medusa’s Make Up Lip Paint

I fell in LOVE with the Medusa’s Make Up range back when they were featured in a recent Little Known Box. A nice and small company that is 100% true to itself while ricking it’s image and slaying in the make up stakes! I am not a big one for lippie (on account of my severe lack of pout) but this paint is super pigmented and not dry or sticky! I swatched it on my Instagram stories and you guys were literally going nuts wanting to know if it was a Kylie Lip colour because of its pigment and texture. I kid you not, get your hand on this Kylie Dupe and you’ll be laughing – and so will your bank balance for that matter!

Mount Purious Rose Water Toner

I think this is my favourite item in April’s Little Known Box. There, I’ve said it! This Rose Water Toner from the kings and queens of organic skincare is insane! I spritzed my face with this bad boy and immediately felt a plumpness appear on my skin. I was literally glowing throughout the day! It inspired me and made me so happy that I went make up free for ages (oh hey break outs, missed ya). My skin never looked tired or sad or drab and it literally worked wonders! I am not lying here, it’s the best toner I’ve ever tried! I would love to try their moisturisers for sure!

What do you think of April’s Little Known Box?

**Spoiler Alert**

You can get your hands on discounts on some of these items here!

For 25% off at www.madebycoopers.com use code LKB25 (offer expires 31.12.17)

For 20% off at Apple and Bears use code LITTLEKNOWNBOX20 at the checkout





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