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Summer ’17 Essentials

Summer is here and I have got to share with you my Essentials for this season!

As a blogger I am so incredibly luck yo be able to sample some insane products and I love sharing with you my favourites, my tips and my secrets. If, however, you follow me on any of my Social Media channels, you’ll be aware that there are two brands that I have been harping on about for a while now. And, now is the perfect time to finally share them with you all!

Here are my Summer ’17 Essentials!

So, the Chemist is a family run pharmacy that are online. I was introduced to them through Twitter a few months back and jumped at the chance to work with them!

They are like the old school family pharmacies back when we were kids. The ones where you could pop in with your Nan on a Saturday afternoon and get all manner of things, from sweets to baby food, beauty must haves to skincare and sun cream and so on and so on.

The Chemist is literally endless and I loved shopping with them!

As you know I am a huge advocate for looking after the skin you’re in and sun cream and sun protection will always be number one on my skincare list along with good quality moisturisers for both day and night!

It is all about P20 when it comes to my Holiday skincare. A once a day application of golden nectar smelling sun cream that protects even the most sensitive of skin types!

Nivea will always be one of my favourites when it comes to skincare and moisturisers. If you’ve ever visited my blog before, you’ll know that I am a proud Bargain Blogger. I don’t have a lot of expendable cash so I am super careful about what I buy and who with. Nivea are a brilliant brand on budget that offer as good a skincare range as your ridiculously high end counter parts! This Nivea Sensitive Night Cream is literally a dream come true! I slather myself in it before bed and my skin has never felt better!

Same goes for a brand like Garnier. I adore their BB Cream and since converting to that around this time last year, I have not used foundation once. Not a single drop of heavy, gloopy foundation has sat on my skin and it’s never felt plumper and well kept! This Garnier Hydrating Day Cream is the first thing I put on my face every single morning. I very rarely wear any heavy make up and this gorgeously light and sweet scented cream transforms my look from bedraggled-just-woken-up to brand new in minutes!

Let’s talk Elizabeth Arden. A brand I so rarely treat myself to but I love her classics. I love the Visible Difference Cream and use I before I apply make up for a longer lasting finish. It is so smooth and so gentle that when I remove my make up my skin still feels plump and moisturised rather than tight and torte!

These are a million per cent my Summer ’17 Essentials from The Chemist! You will be spammed with lots of these items in the coming months so be ready and enjoy!

So, what girl out there is all for comfort and not always for fashion?

Well, in case you haven’t already guessed, my hand is firmly raised high into the air with that one. Comfort and fashion don’t always come in hand sadly and it can leave some of us looking like dishevelled bag ladies. Well no more!

That’s right, I’ve found a remedy! This beautifully fluffy and super comfy Ugg zip up jumper is the perfect go-between for comfort 9it’s so fluffy inside you could live there for weeks happily) and fashion. It’s from the Ugg collection and oh my Goodness it is the best fitting jumper I could ever have wished for with beautiful Ugg tagging and tailoring to go with!

This gorgeous Jumper is a million per cent my go-to Summer ’17 Essential because it is just so diverse! I can wear it as part of an outfit with cropped jeans and sandals or I could wear it for Sun downers (which, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see it’s all I’ve been wearing when the Sun starts its descent and the drinks start flowing!)

This gorgeous Ugg jumper comes exclusively from my favourite brand of Spring 2017, Amara a high end lifestyle brand that sell EVERYTHING you didn’t know you needed but now must desperately have!

I adore this sweater, it is my favourite item of clothing at the moment. I am actually excited for Autumn when I can wear it even more!

Perfect for Summer evenings in the garden or out and about and so comfy you’ll forget it’s designer!

Do you LOVE my Summer ’17 Essentials?

What do you think of my picks?





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