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AUrate Hoops Exclusive!

Who loves an exclusive? Who loves jewellery? If you didn’t just let out a little squeal then I’m sorry but you best scoot on over to another one of my posts ‘cos this one is going down to Jewellery Town!

I am about to reveal to you some gorgeous hoops from the AMAZING AUrate with some exclusive photos and some of my tips on pairing jewellery styles from my favourite brands this year! 

These beautiful hoops are launching this week and I cannot wait to get my hands on some! Look out on my Social Media for dates and info as well as a huge discount code offered only to my readers!

So, let’s dive into jewellery heaven, shall we?

A moment of silence for elegance, class and style with a chintzy gold flare from AUrate – perfect for Summer!

These delicious gold hoops are dainty and small enough to fit in the tiniest of ears (like my little monkey ears) but also gorgeous and classy enough to get seen!

They are so perfect for summer – I can seriously see myself in these paired with a beautiful summer dress from Old Navy and my beaut new Calvin Klein backpack!

Here are some other bits of jewellery I would pair these amazing hoops with that I already own and more!

I’ve chosen to pair my new FAVE AUrate hoops with gorgeous jewellery from Jewellery Box, Sail Brace and Ted Baker!

So, who’s excited for the launch? 

A little extra nugget of love and shopping for you – want 10% off these amazing hoops once they launch?


Use code: AurateExclusive10

I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

Happy Shopping Loves!





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