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Unconventional Father’s Day

Hello you lovely lot. First of all, what is with this weather? I’m sat here bundled up in blankets with wooly socks on and a hot water bottle as I type this! It’s JUNE!!

And, while I guess I will have to just deal with the British weather, June means that it is the month of celebrating all things Dad.

I have many men in my life that are a father figure for me and none of them happen to be my actual father. I am lucky enough to have many amazing male figures in my life that deserve an unconventional Father’s Day love!


My amazing fiance’s Dad has been a huge figure in my life over the last almost-decade. When I first entered his life I was a young and naive nineteen year old girl with no clue on how the world works.

He took me on as an adopted child, one day I slept over their house and just basically never left (we’d been together for a few months by then). I was like a whirlwind in their lives, a crazy young girl who loved life but also had no care in the world and no clue how tough life can be.

This grumpy looking Old Dude is the best Dad I never had!
He’s made me so strong, he’s toughened me up beyond belief and he’s shown me that I am a strong person!

He’s looked after me even when I resisted it and most of all, he helped to create the most amazing person in my world, my husband to be!

It’s very rare that I share posts as personal as this, I like to keep some things private, but I feel like the Unconventional Dads deserve just as much love this Father’s Day! And my adopted Dad certainly does!

Knowing that his wisdom will be there for my own children makes me emotional to the point of tears. Imagining him feeling proud of both his son and I as we walk down the aisle fills my heart with so much love. Having him stand behind us as we walk through adulthood encourages me to be fully 100% myself and be happy about it!


So, I got thinking. What on Earth could I get him for Father’s Day to let him know how special he is to us?

There’s the obligatory Man Cave/Gardening personal touches – more of which you can find at Getting Personal by following this link.
There’s the classic pun gifts – like this cup with the word KNOB on it which is right up his street from I Want One Oh Those (hit this link!)
There’s the personalised Toblerone from Prezzy Box which I know he’d eat up (pun intended).


There’s the gift he’d actually like! As you can see from every single grumpy looking snap, my father in law to be sports a rather fetching moustache. It is his pride and joy. It is so much a part of his face that it is actually a part of his personality! Every one knows him because of his bald head and ‘tash and he loves it!

So this year for my unconventional Father’s Day gift, I am going to treat him to something from Panasonic. What do you get the man who has everything? A good quality beard trimhttps://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer/personal-health-care/men-s-trimmers.htmlmer that he’ll actually use!

I am so lucky to have my Old Dude and I can’t wait to see his face when he tries to read this blog post on his phone in sunlight without his glasses on!


** this post contains affiliate links **


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