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Crown Brushes First Impressions

Make up is self confidence applied directly to the face

Make up means a lot of different things to people. For me, it’s a huge treat, a chance to take some me time, pamper myself and indulge in every second that it takes to blend, stroke and flick. For others its their war paint, their armour in a world that discriminates against any blemish or scar. I know girls who wear make up as a daily routine, just part of their day. And I have a sister who never wears make up – luckily she’s a real natural beauty!

With this love of make up in mind, I was absolutely chuffed when the amazing Crown Brush asked me to review a set of their gorgeous brushes. Make up to me isn’t a daily practice right now so I have taken these brushes with a pinch of self indulgence and as a treat to myself and my little blog. So, enjoy my Crown Brushes First Impressions.

grabbing crown brush

So, I was sent the Luna set to review. A large set of brushes that came with a lovely make up bag/brush holder. The clincher for me was the Deluxe Badger Fan brush – perfect for applying all that highlighter! I am all about the highlight this season and I cannot wait to trial this brush especially for those highlight fans out there – I got you!

On first glimpse, these brushes are gorgeous! So beautifully made and durable – perfect for me as I am constantly trying out new looks. The blogger inside all of us needs dependable brushes right!?

crown brush label

There was so much choice too. In my pack of brushes I have:

  • Jumbo Powder Brush
  • Angle Brush
  • Flat Bronzer Brush – great for contouring!
  • Badger Fan – amazing highlighting tool!
  • Oval Foundation Brush – overall coverage so easy to apply!
  • Oval concealer Brush
  • Angle Eye Liner
  • Oval Shadow
  • Mini Smudger – for those under the eye hints of gorgeousness
  • Round Angle Blender
  • Oval Lip Brush
  • Angled Brow Brush
  • Brow/Lash Groomer
  • Spoolie Brush

crown brush in hand

I am so excited to try these amazing brushes out! I will be putting together a couple of looks using them all for the blog so stay tuned!



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