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Indulge Yourself


Definition: To allow ones self the pleasure of something desired

What do you desire? The newest contour palette, a new designer handbag, more money … or just some peace and quiet and you time? Time to yourself is something to be desired for sure. A moment or two to switch off the phones, pour some wine and simmer away in a boiling hot bath. If this is what you desire the most then I am about to help you up your indulgence game. Buff and Butter is an aromatherapy and natural oil company who are at the top of their game with their essential oils. So, using Buff and Butter, here are my tips on Indulging Yourself.

buff and butter

“It’s an indulgence. A healthy indulgence” Anthony Stone

Aromatherapy is key for those long, drawn out baths that are so needed in our stressful lives. Buff and Butter have such a huge range of sweet smelling essential oils that I couldn’t actually pick any to review. I trusted them to send me their best selection and before I even unboxed them I knew exactly what had arrived from the Postman!

Aromatherapy helps awaken those senses we take for granted. With Buff and Butter you are instantly transported to a holiday, a memory or a day in the life.

buff and butter close up

The tea tree reminds me of my Mum as a child, so gentle and caring. I sit in my bath remembering bath times as a child, sharing with my sisters, laying dolphins and mermaids. It brings back memories of my Mum’s arms feeling so wide wrapping me in a warm towel, brushing my wet hair and plaiting it before bed.

Lavender, instantly transporting me to the park by my childhood home. Each evening that the Sun stayed up longer meant my sister and I could play on the swings. The park lined with fresh lavender bushes, we would talk all evening about school, our lives and our futures. The scent now makes me smile at our lives unfolding in front of us, adults now, making our own way.

A strong hit of the nostalgia when the Peppermint is prized open. Flashback in time to being so small and quiet. A day in the kitchen at my Nan’s house baking. To this day I still cannot bake but those fond memories of mixing, measuring and impatiently waiting were reawakened by Buff and Butter.

When I popped open the Ylang Ylang I instantly felt a calm wash over me. Its antidepressant properties and relaxing scent soaked away all of my aches and pains from the day. So peaceful and a real moment of solitude personal time.

The Grapefruit oil didn’t actually make it to the bath. I didn’t get a chance to leisurely trickle it into my hot steaming bath… the blogger inside me used it all up on my locks. I gave myself the most indulgent and gorgeous smelling hair mask using the Grapefruit Essential Oils and my hair feels so smooth and shiny as a result! The fragrance filled my bathroom and my hair for days!

buff and butter oils

Psychology and scent have been linked for centuries and Buff and Butter have achieved this by literally transporting me back as if I am looking through a tine portal! Their gorgeous aromas have evoked such strong memories that were once buried deep inside my head – filled to full with work, deadlines, meetings and worries.

If you do one thing this weekend, treat yourself to some memory triggering scents from Buff and Butter. You will be transported and taken into your deepest memories – a perfect indulgent evening!

buff and butter in light box

You can find Buff and Butter here!




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