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Little Known Box | February Review

Hello to this month’s Little Known Box round up! Wow that has come round quick hasn’t it! It only seems like a few days ago that I was telling you all about the wonderful bits inside last month’s box. In fact, here is the link to that very post if you feel you need a catch up!

So, many of you weren’t all too familiar with the incredible Little Known Box before my latest post – which came as a huge shock to me! I have worked with this incredible brand a handful of times in the last three years and I always get so excited when I see a parcel from them land on my doorstep! I was super excited to share the love for them in my latest post and I know that many of you lovely readers signed up to use them off the back of it – so thank you from me and Little Known Box!

In this month’s box you can find so many beauty goodies and some amazing extras that I can’t wait to share!

As you can see, there are lots of different bits in this month’s box, not all typical beauty and I am so here for them!

Here’s a full and honest run down…

Bowe Organics Lash Oil

My lashes are a nightmare. They are the first thing to show any sign of stress and they fall out all of the time. So, when I saw this lash serum in this month’s box I was overjoyed to try something new for my poor eyes! This serum is super gentle on your lashes as long as you try not to get it in your eyes!

I’ve been doing my usual night time skin care routine and then letting my face dry naturally. Then I simply add a drop or two (super easy with the pipette feature!) to my finger tips, warm it up with the natural heat of my hand and apply it gently to my eye lids. I let it soak into my lashes and then go to bed. My lashes have been feeling stronger and more hydrated and my eyes feel like they’ve had a little treat too!

PHB Ethical Beauty Organic Lip Pencil

I love a good lip pencil. I don’t often wear too heavy a lip product so a nice nude lip pencil with a subtle lipstick works for me every time. This beautiful lip pencil from PHB is organic and is super lasting and most importantly, matte! It is gentle and easily glide-able and keeps lips hydrated and super soft! This peach shade is gorgeous on my ghostly-white skin and I can definitely see it being used all summer long!

Feather and Down Pillow Spray

This little nugget is the best item in this month’s Little Known Box in my opinion! I have been raving about it for weeks and now I can finally share it with you all! The Feather & Down Pillow Sleep Spray is everything!

I have had trouble switching off recently. I am in the process of planning a wedding, my job is my life and my amazing fiancee is long suffering! If I can’t settle at night it makes it all so much worse.

This incredible lavender spray has helped me no end in the last few weeks. I simply spray a few spritzes on both mine and my man’s pillow before we brush our teeth and then we get into bed as normal. Both of us have been sleeping like babies!

Weleda Pomegranate Body Wash

Shower time takes on many forms in my working week and weekends. Often it is a rushed experience after a work out which has followed a full day at work. Sometimes it is a long soak to wash off another good day. Not enough is it time to relax, unwind and take some me time.

With this luxurious Pomegranate Body Wash I was almost knocked for six when I hopped in the shower for a quick wash after my work out when this beautiful foaming liquid came out of the bottle. An everyday albeit rushed shower turned instantly into a mini pamper session!

Beauty & The Bear Gummies

If you’ve read my blog before, you will know that I am an avid vitamin and supplement taker! I take my internal health seriously and any new supplements make me excited. Sad but I do not care!

These gummies from Beauty & the Bear have been something I’ve wanted to try for ages. They’re a well known and well promoted brand so I was excited to give these a whirl.

Now call me fussy but I am one for textures. And the texture of these gummies don’t really do it for me. They are good for hair and nail strength but they are a bit too difficult for me to swallow – literally.

Beauty PRO Sheet Mask

Now, you must know how much of a lover I am of a good sheet mask! I can’t help it, they are just one thing that I adore for beauty.

This Beauty PRO version is a winner for me! It encouraged me to take 15 minutes out and help my skin a little more. My face felt instantly boosted and more plump and it worked on my skin even though I was having a flare up of both dry and oily skin with a few spots chucked in for good measure! What a life!

This month’s Little Known Box was filled with treat after treat and I love that there were some more diverse items in there that don’t just follow the typical beauty subscription box remit. It’s the reason I always go back to them for more!

You can get your hands on your very own Little Known Box by clicking this link!


** This month’s Little Known Box was gifted in exchange for this honest review**


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