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Little Known Box Review

When it comes to beauty, there’s so much out there for almost everything you may ever want or need. Beauty, skincare, make up, make up tools – you name it, you can buy it – and I do! Whether you’re more of a high street girl or a Department Store Dolly, shopping for beauty is easily accessible! Buying beauty is simple and my blog is a testament to that! But beauty that comes right through your letterbox that is new every single month is still one of my favourite ways to explore my love of make up!

Little Known Box is a brand that I have worked with before many times – here’s a link to one of my original review posts for them!

The theme for this month’s Little Known Box is Winter Refresh. It comes at a perfect time for me – the post-Christmas job load is intense, the dark evenings are taking their toll and I am not losing all of that Christmas weight the way I want it to. January into early February has been a long hard slog.

So, it’s perfect for me to get a Winter Refresh and Little Known Box is filled with some amazing little nuggets to help me feel so!

Here’s a breakdown of what you can find in this month’s Little Known Box: Winter Refresh.

First up, another cheeky feature from the lovely Medusa’s Make Up. I’ve worked with this brand before on their lippies and just loved how pigmented they were. They have serious staying power but don’t leave that stubbornness on your lips when removing. The perfect lip car for a night out on the cocktails with minimal need to reapply and all the punches of chic colours and pigments!

I love the dark tone to this lippie and I can’t wait to get a bit of sunshine onto my skin to help me feel dark and moody!

Given all of this and the fact that Medusa’s Make Up is fully cruelty free and vegan – it’s a no brainer for the brilliant Little Known Box to feature them!

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil: a total and complete Winter skincare winner!Any sort of face oil for me this season has completely transformed my winter skincare!

This oil is so light and with the useful rollerball function, it is super easy to simply swipe it across your problem areas (forehead, under eye, chin) and then gently rub it in. Since trialling this beauty in a roller-stick my skin has felt more plump and full of life and moisturised much more. As a result, make up application has been a lot smoother and even make up removal has been nicer and more gentle!

This is a must for winter skincare and ensuring your skin sings its way through the rest of the season!

Monu Skincare Collagen Eye Cream is a huge WOW from me!

My eyes can often by dry on the lids, underneath and I am forever trying to be super gentle around them. But I am the worst for getting to 4pm at my desk, feeling a bit under it and rubbing my eyes far too hard.

All the good skincare work is undone by one small action. But since I’ve been using Monu Skincare’s Collagen Eye Cream, my eyes have felt fresher, more awake and the skin around them, while still sensitive, is happier and looks brighter!

Nanshy Make Up isn’t a brand I’d heard of before opening this box. Using a beauty blender happens for me every day, sometimes, once a week, sometimes – I am inconsistent and so my everyday make up is too.

Beauty blenders were MASSIVE at one point, remember? Everyone had one, so many brands used them and all sorts of different versions came out. I’ve tried sponges, little plastic ones – you name it, I’ve done it!

So, I was slightly dubious about Nanshy’s angular sponge. I used it once or twice on my everyday face and thought, yeah ok nice sponge, good consistency, nice finish.

Then I washed it and tried with some of my higher end make up. I never ever use a sponge with my Nars gear as it isn’t designed for it and I’m ok with that. But I did use my Nanshy Sponge on my YSL bits and oh my word – the difference! High end matches high end and it makes such a beautiful marriage on my skin! I looked radiant, glowing and non-greasy! Pure winner for me!

This month’s Little Known Box has been filled with so many treasures, not to mentioned the gorgeous personalised make up bag that Little Known Box themselves curated – anything with my initials on them is a win for me, especially considering that the countdown is on for my last initial to be changing!

Little Known Box are a brand I am happy to work with and support again and again! The brand itself is reaching new limits, bridging the gap in the beauty world for cruelty free and vegan high end and affordable items. Not to mention the lovely and hard working people behind the brand! I can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s box!

You can find each item separately in the list below:

Medusa’s Make Up Lipstick

Balance Me Radiance Oil

Monu Skincare Eye Collagen Gel

Nanshy Make Up Sponge


** This month’s Little Known Box was gifted to me for the purposes of this honest review post **


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