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Magnetic Lashes

Hands up who else is a lash addict!? If you’ve ever read my blog or seen my Instagram you’ll know I am addicted to lashes! I can’t get enough of the instant and easy beauty that comes from fake lashes but I’ve had some disastrous looks in my time! Way back when, fake lashes were new and Superdrug was full of them. The likes of Girls Aloud had their own range and I had to try them all. From years 18-20 I was wearing hilariously dramatic, way too big for me and ill fitting blooming lashes – I look back and can’t help but laugh at the state of myself! I’ve also been guilty of having the odd glue mishap which resulted in me looking like my eye lids were made out of Plasticine – again hilarious!

But all through my beauty journey with fake lashes, as a blogger and as a normal person, I always had the nagging thought: there’s got to be an easier way to do this right!? The glue mishaps, the ridiculous sizes and fanning out faux lashes; the poking in the eye constantly; the lashes drooping and falling off as the night wears on.

Well, there is. Have you ever heard of the incredible Magnetic Eyes?  Well, they have totally changed up my beauty regime FOREVER!

My go to eye trio!

Magnetic Eye Lashes aren’t a new phenomenon but they ARE only now taking the beauty industry and blogging world by storm!

I had never been brave enough to try them before. I guess it was the fear of the unknown. I mean these things sound like a miracle but I’d never used anything other than conventional glue to stick on my lashes. Magnets to stick fake lashes to your own? I just couldn’t get my head around it.

And don’t I feel ridiculous! Since using Magnetic Eyes’ lashes (I’ve trialled both a dramatic and a natural pair) I haven’t used lash glue once! And I don’t see why I ever would!

I’ll walk you through the super easy and not at all scary steps you need to take to get beautiful lashes with no glue or stickiness!

Magnetic Eyes’ lashes come as two sets. You will double up for each eye. So when you open the packaging and see what looks like four lashes, don’t panic, it will all become clear!

The basic principle of Magnetic Lashes is that you are securing your own natural lashes in between the two magnetic ones.

Step 1: Place the “top” lash strip above your natural lashes. Make sure you shape them as much as possible so that they fit naturally with the natural frame and contour of your eye lid! They;ll rest easily on your eye lid but don’t make any sudden movements as they aren’t secured yet!

Step 2: Gently place the “bottom” set underneath your natural lashes. It has two strip magnets on it’s top. Place these as close to your lashes and the Magnetic Lash sitting above them. The magnets will do all of the work for you and “click” into place nicely with zero pain or mess!

These lashes truly are magical! I take them with me in my handbag to go from day (natural Rosie lashes) to night in an instant.

To put the lashes to the ultimate test and to test my theory and put my money where my mouth is I have applied and tried to apply these lashes in all sorts of places!

I’ve applied them in my bathroom with a misted up mirror and a distorted reflection – success!

I have applied them in a dingy pub in Eton only using my front camera on my phone for a mirror – success!

I’ve applied them in the back of an uber with someone holding up a mirror for me – success!

The best part about these lashes is that they are no mess, no fuss and ALL the glamour! They are super easy to apply and if you want to take them off you simply grab and slide – no residue, no pulling and no sore eyes! My natural lashes are super sensitive and fall out when the wind blows sometimes, I swear. But there’s no pulling on them, no pressure and no residue that requires rigorous washing and scrubbing!

You also don’t have to wash the lashes after every occasion – because they simply stick on with magnets, they are so much easier to reuse!

I am a massive fan of these lashes and I can’t wait to try some more varieties of Magnetic Eye Lashes range!

You can shop and love just like me hitting this link!



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