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Everything £5 Soho Look Book

Let’s take a trip. It wont cost you anything except your time which is far more precious than any commodity there is. It will take some enthusiasm and some love of fashion. This trip involves a day of happiness and laughter and being well-dressed. Everything £5 has become my new obsession – you may remember their last feature on the blog (find it here) and they’ve supplied me with yet another piece of clothing that has fanned my obsession and turned into something more! If you’ve not had the fortune of hopping over to their store then get your butt over there now! There are bargains to be had! For this part of my look book I decided to take you with me on a trip to the amazing Soho.


For this day trip with my amazing boyfriend, I was gifted this gorgeous pink bomber jacket. I love bomber jackets and have had to hold back from buying 67473949 of them … saying that I ended up buying yet another one just this morning from Everything £5 (oops) coming soon to the blog!

This bomber jacket HAD to be mine when I saw it online. It is a gorgeous colour, perfect for the transition period of summer into autumn! The pastel colour goes perfect with my exclusively black wardrobe – sorry not sorry!

It is also really light and has a cotton feel to it, unique to the bomber jacket fashion which has gone mad for the shiny shiny look!

This jacket is so easy to dress. It is perfect for a dress down day, like the one I had, and it is the perfect accompaniment for an evening out! The material is light and fresh so wont swamp you weigh you down!


I love this jacket – not also my tiny pumps from Everything £5 … yep, I have small feet, size 3 to be exact! I love these little pumps, they are so comfy and so gorgeous for this transitional time of year when I’m not quite ready to pull out my boots! These shoes are definitely a staple for my transition period and I know they’ll be my staple when it comes to Spring next year!

e5p-bomber3 e5p-bomber4

This jacket is so diverse and I was receiving so many compliments all day for it!

For this Outfit Of The Day I wore:

Pink Bomber Jacket – Everything £5

Black Bardot top – New Look

Black jeans – New Look

Pink Pumps – Everything £5

I loved my Soho day, filled with cocktails and laughter. I was warm in the fleeting sunshine and kept dry from the sporadic rain drops that fell.

Everything £5 I LOVE you!





    • Rosie
      October 19, 2016 / 7:52 pm

      Ah thank you lovely! I am so in love with bomber jackets right now!

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