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Marco Tozzi Autumn Essentials

I don’t know how I’ve done it but I’ve been the luckiest girl in the whole wide world and got my hands on the most gorgeous piece of Autumn Essentials for you all to feast your eyes on … and then run off and buy! Yep, you lucky lot are about witness the most beautiful and sensible thing that has ever happened to Autumn. I have teamed up with Marco Tozzi for this little loving segment of Autumn fashion and you’re going to be hooked just like I was! If you know me at all you’ll know that I am a bargain blogger through and through but I think we all deserve to treat ourselves every so often right!?



Let’s first just take a moment to appreciate how Instagrammable just the box that my lovely goodies came in is! I am all about bang with the packaging and you can imagine my face when I opened the door to be given this. Not even an exaggeration, the box is about as half as tall as me! It’s massive and I love it! It goes so well with the newly crisp Autumn feel in the air … reds to match the browning leaves and the damp grass!


Hidden inside this box of magnitude are the most gorgeous, luxurious and soft knee high boots in a crushed grey, velvet style. They are absolutely amazing!

marco-boots7 marco-boots6

These amazing boots are the perfect accompaniment with, well, everything. They are so on trend and as part of Marco Tozzi’s Autumn Winter collection they are well suited to this time of year and the next season to come upon us!

These aren’t some small time boots; one wear and they’re ruined. Oh no, no, no! These bad boys are the sturdiest pair of shoes I’ve ever had my hands on! Yes, they’re soft and luxurious but you can wear them without worry that a simple splash or dip in a puddle will mean the end of them! These knee high boots are built to last!

They would be perfectly suited with so many different fashion choices too! A big win for any girl who loves clothes and Autumn fashion!

My staple of black jeans, black top and blanket scarf would be boosted to another level of fashionista wearing these!

Another one of my basics of jumper dress, leggings and optional blanket scarf would also be dressed up by these Marco Tozzi beauties!


I have fallen hook, line and sinker for these gorgeous boots and I literally haven’t taken them off since I got them – after blog photos of course, blog problems! They are such good value and while I have felt them to be a splurge for myself, they’re guaranteed to last me all the way through Autumn and Winter and into next year’s cold bite!

They are so beautiful, feel really indulgent and special and, most importantly, are super comfy! There’s no back ache of squashed up toes from these boots! They sit perfectly and zip up to the right height! I LOVE them!

Get your hands on the new Marco Tozzi Autumn range here!




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