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Lotusy Face Mask Sheets Review

Skin getting you down? Feeling that flakiness of Winter ending and Spring coming along? Want to give make up free but are restricted? I have the perfect skin revival treatment for you! Earlier on this month, I was contacted by the lovely people over at Ugo Johnson Limited about trialing out some facial mask sheets for my little blog! Of course, I was happy to oblige and I was thrilled with what arrived for me! I was gifted these little magic makers specifically for this post – so enjoy!


The amazing Lotusy Aloe Vera Facial Mask is what I received. Now, this company is still in its fairly new stage, so I was given a try of these, which are marketed more for larger retailers – so keep your eyes peeled, these bad boys are going to be flying off the shelves in your local drug store real soon!

I’ve never tried this sort of face mask before, as it says in the title, it is not simply a clay like mask that can be applied, dried and washed off; oh no, my lovely little readers, this is much much more! What comes in these slim packets or gold are in fact sheets of cotton.

lotusy with magnitone

I adore skin care and have recently branched my little blog into more of a skin care range. The above sheets of Lotusy are pictured with my Magnitone (post on that here). But, wait! These amazing cotton face masks are SO GOOD, that my Magnitone took a back seat for the couple of days I used Lotusy! They are really that good! 

The cool, cotton material is very moist and slick so is perfect for dry skin like mine. All you need to do is peel it gently out of its packet, unfold it (it comes folded up, be gentle not to tear it!) and place it onto your moist face – I found it was perfect for after the shower. You know the one, rushed from being at work all day – so this little face mask transports you to a spa! The little holes for your nose, mouth and eyes will help guide it onto your face easily. Then, simply leave it on there for around 15 minutes.

lotusy selfie lotusy up close

Once your allocated time is up, whip it off and chuck it in the bin. I found there was some residue left on my face, so I took my time in working that into my skin as an added bonus. It really is as simple as that! No mess, no fuss! None of this scraping your face with a towel as your hard face mask goes solid, no more sore eyes and no more ruined flannels!

Now, I admit that I look extremely scary – I was doing my best not to channel Mrs Doubtfire! And believe me when I say I gave my lovely boyfriend the fright of his life! (inside I was laughing my head off!) But, what face mask is pretty!? This is the bit where we’re supposed to not be seen. This is our Sleeping Beauty moment, ok? 

There are so many pros with this product! No more dry. cracked masks; no more not being able to talk for fear of cracking your mask, no more laborious cleansing afterwards, no more scraping the mask out of your hair the next day!

It’s so simple and oh so effective!

Like I said, my Magnitone wasn’t used the entire week I tested out this product! My skin was soft, smooth and re-hydrated. My oily areas were tamed nicely and my skin felt calm for the first time since Winter! I had zero outbreaks (and still haven’t had one, a week later!) and I’ve had people beg me for my skin care secret!

with magnitone




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