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New In | August 2019

Hello you lovely lot. It’s sunny isn’t it? It’s been a beaut couple of weeks and my blog has been loving receiving some lovely items for me to review – and my soul has loved having the sunshine to actually blog in!

I cannot believe that we are already in August – when the Hell did this happen!? Christmas feels like only yesterday!

I thought now would be the best time to share what’s New In this month..

This peel off mask from NYK1 is a serious game changer! If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll know that I am something of a face mask addict but Lord knows that I am one lazy girl. I hate the mess it can make and if it takes a lot of effort, I simply wont do it on a week night.

This charcoal face mask is peel off – and you can ACTUALLY peel it off! It doesn’t clump or stick or rip – it’s as gentle on your skin as a peel off mask can be and after using it, my skin genuinely feels softer and a little lighter. I am on of those gross girls who inspects the mask after it’s removed and I can confirm that all kinds of disgusting-ness is taken up and I LOVE it!

This nail art lover was chuffed to see another little sneak peek from Leighton Denny land on my doorstep earlier this month. I love doing my nails, I must do them twice a week. I love playing with styles and I also love trying out new brands.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails are definitely one of my favourite brands for nail polish and nail care! They always seem to put the nail care first with products that soothe, moisturise and encourage growth.

Their variety of colours is always a win for me but the formula of all the nail polishes that I’ve tried is the real winner for me! It’s smooth in application but hardy and not easy to chip! It’s soothing on my sometimes sore nails (that’ll be the twice a week nail routine) and they last – even on my poor fingers that are typing ten to the dozen all day every day!

I can’t wait to try this beautiful grey scale out on my tanned talons!

Dr Botanicals is a brand that I’ve worked closely with before and I love them! A brand with a great ethos, great packaging and even better products, what’s not to love, right?

When these beautiful smelling masks were specially delivered to my door, I couldn’t help but rip them open and see what was next from one of my favourite brands to blog with!

These incredible masks are literally brand new today so all I’ve managed to do is whip a few drops on my neck – the most sensitive and thin area of skin that I could find – and rub it in!

The Coconut mask is loose, not too fragrant and very moisturising!

The Lemon Super Food mask is thick, yellow-ish in colour and incredible!

I can’t wait to get my mask on!

Do you want more First Impressions? Stay tuned!


*Items in this post were gifted in return of an honest review*


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