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Lash Out | Kiss Lashes X Boots

Joy to the world, our beauty lives have been made easier once again by the lash Gods that look down on us. Now, I know we’ve had some serious heat in the last few days and I for one have not felt like putting on a speck of make up, but the temperature looks to be evening out to a more liveable one so we can all rejoice and go back to getting our glam on! And, I have BIG news!

If you’ve visited my little blog before, you’ll know that I am a big fake lash fan! I have a few brands in particular the sit at the top of my favourites list and you’ll probably have seen just a few features from Kiss!

I’ve worked with Kiss and Alex Silver PR many many times in the past and am pleased to say that that the new Spring Summer 2019 Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection now come in doubles in your local good Boots stores!

That’s right! A life changer for lazy girls like me who go full glam, have one too many cocktails and end up peeling off my strip lashes and forgetting where I put them – only to realise a few days later that it’s not a spider stuck to the inside of my very expensive handbag, it’s the lost lash!

Having a double strip pack will make my life and I’m sure yours so much easier! It means that we can now pop down to our local Boots (mine’s on the high street right by my office so I can pop their in my lunch break on a Friday!) and get your weekends’ worth of glam and faux mink in one!

And, for all of those readers and bloggers out there worried about sustainability and plastic consumption, this means that less packaging has been used and less waste will be a result too!

That’s the real winner for me!

So, what are you waiting for? Get down to Boots, get browsing and shopping and get your glam on night after night!


* Items in this post were gifted in receipt of an honest review *


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