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Herbalife X Rachel Allen

Hello you lovely lot! You may have seen on my Instagram this week that I’ve been straddling the line between naughty and nice in the health and food department – and you guys have been loving it! It’s not the first time – I recently paired up with Herbalife on some delicious treats – see it all here! So today, I’m sharing that pizza recipe with you with Herbalife & Rachel Allen!

I have to admit, I do struggle to stay “good” when my cravings go mad. I am a woman, I have needs – and they usually involve cheese, crisps and everything terrible.

So when I was approached by the lovely team at Herbalife to see if I could enjoy some healthy alternatives with a naughty twist, I had to go for it! And went for it I did! I am a pizza lover at heart – it’s the meal we’re having at our wedding breakfast – so when I spent time leafing through Rachel Allen’s new incredible Herbalife recipe book, as soon as I saw pizza, I had to make it!

So, you can make this pizza using mainly Herbalife products with some naughty add ons for flavour and taste!

The pizza base can be made using:
>150g of strong white flour
> 2 servings of Beta Heart
> 2 servings of Formula 3 PPP (Personalised Precision Powder)
> 1 and a half teaspoon of baking powder
> a quarter teaspoon of salt
> 120ml of warm water

Now, I’ll be honest. I can cook, I can cook proper big dinners, Christmas dinners, big breakfasts, all and in between. But I am terrible at baking! Baking bread or cakes is not my strong point.
However, this dough was super easy to make and took no time at all!

Next for the toppings, you’ll need:

> 1 serving of Gourmet Tomato Soup – which by the way is delicious all on its own!
> 50ml of water
> 75g of torn mozarella
> pesto to dress and to taste

This pizza is not only super yummy, it’s easy to make and it on the better side of being good! I love that Herbalife are thinking of covering all bases and consider that us normal girls who have a hectic life, work is stressful, home life can be a right pain in the butt. So to know that you can get home, whip up a delicious treat and be naughty and nice, it’s a life saver!

Herbalife Nutrition, Recipes by Rachel Allen is available to buy now! It’s been a God send in my kitchen, it is jam packed with soups, sweets, shakes, pizzas and so much more!

Do you like the look of my pizza? Would you give it a go in your kitchen?



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