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Autumn Wish List

If, like me, you are obsessed with beauty and fashion, this is the blog post for you!!

I am definitely a summer person – I love nothing more than getting a tan, flip flops and bikinis. I usually get a little depressed when it all comes to a close each year and dread the ominous Christmas conversation, cold nights and pointless hours of hair styling to be ruined by English gusts and, of course, English RAIN!!


But, Autumn can be fun. Autumn means new fashion! It means digging out the old wraps, cardigans and coats and more importantly, going shopping for new ones!!

This blog post is all about my Autumn needs and wants!!

Firstly, mascara is a MUST for all times of year but I’ve found a secret saviour in Soap and Glory’s Thick and Fast Mascara. Its brush is thick and plump which encourages the more stubborn of eye lashes into their gorgeous place. It is not water proof English weather sucks!! but it lasts all day long with the same look as when it is first put on.


Soap and Glorygolden sandgSnapCrab_NoName_2015-9-4_15-38-36_No-00



Next, my biggest must have this Autumn are all of the wraps from New Look. The wrap is a great addition to any Winter wardrobe – it can add to an outfit or it can be the statement. Perfect, especially because if you’re feeling frumpy it covers a multitude of sins whilst still looking hot!

I am a huge fan of bobble hats – I want every bobble hat out there. This is a great add to your Autumn wardrobe but walk on the side of caution – if like me, you have a mane of hair that ends up in a high pony or messy bun once it gets too crazy, the bobble hat is not for you! Unfortunately, the bobble hat is more of a fashion statement than an actual functional piece of clothing.

One massive hit this Autumn will be the statement jumper – whether it’s got a huge picture of Harry Potter on or a jar of Nutella -it’ll be a win for sure!!


Catch my next post on Autumn needs where I’ll give advice on wool, cuffs and the perfect coat!!

Check out my twitter for updates on my wardrobe as well as my fashion disasters!!



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