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First Impressions In Beauty

Beauty is my bread and butter.
For LoveRosiee I branch out and do the odd fashion feature, there’s a lot of lifestyle and some good tip posts but really, I love beauty. Everything and anything beauty and I am in my element! And I am so fortunate to be able to try, review and show off so many amazing beauty bits just because of my little blog. However, beauty and reviews are not an over night process! It takes time to really get through the nitty gritty with a product, you can’t just use it once and give a full blown review – that is one of my pet hates when it comes to blogging. So, I’m taking the opportunity to let you in on some First Impressions in beauty this week…

When it comes to beauty, there are a few things that I pride myself on knowing a little something about! One of those things is lashes. If you’ve ever visited my blog before, you’ll know that I am often on here and my Instagram and Twitter going on and on about fake lashes, lash care and which lash brands I use and which ones I avoid!

Because of this, I am contacted quite a lot about collaborating with lots of different lash brands and if the brand fits with the ethos of my blog, I am always open to trying new bits!

So when FalseLashes.co.uk approached me about trialling some of their fake lashes, I went for it!

First Impressions wise here are my thoughts:

I like the simple packaging, it shows exactly what the products and lashes are as soon as you see them!

I like the flexibility and thickness of the band on the lashes – I’ve had a good wiggle and prod of the lashes to make sure they are sturdy without being too rigid and they definitely feel like that!

The size of the lashes are perfect! I went for the Red Cherry range as I like a mix of natural and dramatic lashes and I know that usually I have to trim lashes so that they don’t over power my eyes. On first glance, the size of each Red Cherry lash would fit and perfectly frame my eyes!

The glue is the optimum consistency and doesn’t clump or gloop!

I can’t wait to beautify myself with these super light weight lashes – stay tuned for a real in depth review very soon!

While beauty is super important, the base of beauty, skincare, is key too! I take multivitamins every day, I take samples to ensure my hair and nails are as healthy as can be and I try to eat well and be healthy as much as possible. Looking after your skin – especially the skin on your face, is so key!

I am only 26 and have only so far found one grey hair. My skin is still plump in most areas and I’m yet to have any evidence of any permanent wrinkles (yay) but I know that it is never too early to keep skin looking young, youthful and healthy!

Bioglan approached me recently about trialling their Beauty Collagen range and I could have felt very offended! Needless to say, of course I didn’t! I’m not stupid, I know I’m lucky and my beautiful Mum is barely weathered at all. But beauty is beauty and it’s good to look after yourself where possible!

I’ll be taking one supplement a day and two fizzing tablets in water a day for around a month and will let you know half way through if there’s been a noticeable difference and at the end my honest opinion!

Lastly for my First Impressions post in beauty, it’s a little fake tan number from NYK1. Lord knows that I am basically translucent now, any remnants of my beautiful Summer tan are loooong gone!

It certainly is fake tan season as I like to call it! I’ve got plenty of parties coming up where I feel the need top up my tan and this TanForce mousse has arrived just in time! The pack arrived with a large mitt, the bottle has a good sized pump and the bottle is big enough to do me all the way up to Christmas!

Within the pack from the brilliant Babushka PR was also a lash and eyebrow serum to encourage growth!

Stay tuned to find out if I end up like an oompla loompa or a sexy golden goddess and how my lashes and brows grow!




  1. Amy Jones
    December 11, 2018 / 8:51 pm

    All sounds so lovely, definitely intrigued by those Beauty Collagen tablets, will be looking into them.

    Amy | hookedonthemusic.com

  2. December 14, 2018 / 2:27 pm

    I love red cherry lashes, always used to be one of my fave brands when I wore them all the time!

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