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Flash Eye Lash Serum Review

Before Christmas I was contacted by a lovely company called fLash Eye Lash about a prestigious eye lash formula that promises to not only grow and thicken your lashes but help keep them curled too. Obviously, I jumped at the chance! One of the biggest things to come out of the beauty industry these days is the boom of false eyelashes and the illusion of thick, luscious lashes. I never wear false eye lashes due to me feeling like my eyes are just too big and they sit funny on me. It can be a bit embarrassing but I was in store for a thrilling three months while I trialed this AMAZING product! 

flash logo

This amazing product could not be simpler to use! What arrived through my letterbox was a tube about the size of my mascara filled with a clear liquid. On closer inspection I could see that the liquid was thick and the applicator was very similar to a liquid eye liner brush. You are instructed to apply the luxurious liquid above your closed eye just like you would a liquid eye liner. I was worried that it would drip into my eyes and sting but if you follow the instructions properly – ie, wait 3 minutes for it to dry fully before applying any make up on top, you will be absolutely fine!

flash on fur

You are also instructed to use this little product every day to get the best results. My package was for a three month trial period – wherein I was promised huge results!

And, what can I say?! Well, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or have seen any of my posts on here since Christmas, you’ll know how much I RAVE about it!

Within weeks I could see a HUGE and DRAMATIC change in my eye lashes!

flash no mascara 1 month in

This awful photo is my eye lashes after using the amazing fLash product for around 4 weeks. In the photo I have no mascara on and I’ve not curled my lashesI was so thrilled that I had to take this photo as proof!

Within weeks of using fLash I was being asked if I’d had eye lash extensions put on and so many people complimenting me on my eyes! So many people were asking me what mascara I use and if my eye lashes were mine that I’d started to think my lovely boyfriend had put them all up to it! 

Honestly, the results I got from this product have been out of this world!

ooharr selfie 2

Here I am in a very recent photo – at the end of my 3 month stint with fLash, and you can see that my face is bare, except for the Ooharr face mask, but my lashes are thick and gorgeous!

flash in flatlay

fLash Eye Lash Serum here featured in my Everyday Make Up Post! Find it here: loverosiee.co.uk/everyday-makeup

I chose to apply my fLash Serum every morning as part of my beauty regime. And, you know what?! The more I used the product, the more confident I became and I began to wear NO MASCARA at all to work! People still asked me where I’d had my extensions done or what brand of mascara I’d use because they were completely fooled by my fLash lashes! Such a confidence boost!

I recommended this product to EVERYONE!! I am so impressed with it and the fLash lovelies are lovely too!

Girls, if you want to bin the falsies, the expense and the annoying glue the fLash Eye Lash Sreum is for you! If you choose to have lash extensions then I would still recommend this product as my lashes are now so so so strong and they will keep your extensions strong!


Here’s a natural shot, while using my fLash Serum, and my eye lashes look so thick and dark!

flash selfie

As you can tell, I am absolutely BUZZING about my experience with fLash Eye Lash Serum here is where you can find it!

Would you give it a go?





  1. March 24, 2016 / 7:48 am

    I was really surprised how well these worked. I had a similar one before Christmas and it made a huge difference too. Might break it back out! xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  2. April 1, 2016 / 7:22 am

    Your lashes look unreal! Might have to give this a go!!!

    • Rosie
      April 1, 2016 / 7:55 am

      Ah thank you so much!! I could not recommend this product enough!

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