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Girls’ Favourites Gift Guide

If I start this post with just au simple Falalalala-lalalala.. will you judge me? ‘Cos I am so in the Christmas spirit!
The beautiful Festive Season is all around us (who am I kidding? I’ve been ready for Christmas since Halloween) and I am all about the Christmas blog content! Yes, I know, my Twitter and the blog world is awash with gift guides, stocking filler ideas, high end and budget friendly posts I am here hoping to give you a taste of something a little different!
Here’s my Girls’ Favourites Gift Guide!
So, the blog world is saturated with crazy Christmas content and I LOVE it! It can come a bit much so I wanted to do some different bits to keep your feeds fresh and fun while we race towards the Festive Period!

Lee Stafford Hair are probably my favourite hair care brandI blog a lot about them over here on my channel and in turn, I shop a lot with them and spread my love to other people! I have never met anyone who hasn’t loved Lee’s products once they’ve tried them!

This shampoo, conditioner and plumping cream is a life changer. It is amazing and it is the perfect gift for someone who loves their hair but doesn’t get a lot of time to pamper themselves.

Pop these into someone’s stocking and they’ll be happy to be pushed into pamper heaven in the Festive season!

You must KNOW how much I am addicted to lashes and nails from Kiss! I am the laziest girl going – yes, even beauty bloggers can be lazy – and these nails and lashes help you look glam so quickly and easily with minimal effort.

I suffer with lash baldness, it’s a stress side effect. I am a massive worry wart and stress head and one way that my body copes with my over active brain is by letting my lashes and small parts of my hair fall out. I mean, it sucks. There’s no two ways about it. As a woman, and a proud woman at that, my hair and lashes are what help me feel feminine and beautiful. So, whenever they thin or fall out I am devastated.

That’s why I love Kiss lashes SO much!
They have really flashy, garish ones that look false but they also have lashes that look so natural and lovely – I wear them almost everyday! They boost my confidence so much and they don’t break the bank! Even if you are using them all the time!

If I find some of these lashes and nails in my stocking, I’ll be very pleased!


Girls, it’s all about the nails at Christmas.
My sisters and I, every year, have every attempt of looking gorgeous and demure at Christmas but end up either hung over, ill or over excited. But that’s all good, as long as your nails look nice. Look like a tramp? Look like you didn’t sleep the whole night of Christmas Eve? Already over indulged so don’t fit in your Christmas jumper? Got good nails.. it’s a pass!

With this beautiful set from Leighton Denny, you can have pure Nailspo! I have been wearing the gorgeous red glittery Jewellery Box colour since late November. So beautifully thick and luxurious it’s ridiculously easy to apply and with correct nail care the polish lasts for ages! I have a really hands on job, my nails can chip within 15 minutes of being at work but the colours from this set and my usual Leighton Denny nail sets, my nails very rarely chip!

I would LOVE to find all of these gifts waiting for me from the man in the big red suit. And you can too. Follow the links below to get your hands on some of my FAVOURITE items!

Lee Stafford Bigger Fatter Fuller Range
Kiss Lashes and Nails
Leighton Denny Christmas Set

Merry Christmas!



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