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Take Me Back To Puerto Rico | Gran Canaria

We’ve had SNOW! I’ve had the flu. My boyfriend has had a sickness bug. We haven’t even had Christmas yet!
You KNOW how much I love Christmas but I also love the summer. The sunshine, the feel of the warmth on your skin. The lack of sickness and colds. That’s what I’m about. A little bit of Vitamin D! So, while I’m sat at home, off sick with the awful flu (the left side of my face is swollen and sore and my chest is super tight) I am dreaming of one of my favourite places on Earth. Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria. My lovely boyfriend and I went there in 2013 for our first anniversary together and it’s got a huge place in my heart..
here’s a throwback post.. come on Winter, hurry up and take me back to Puerto Rico!

You can see just how picturesque Puerto Rico is, located on the South West corner of Gran Canaria. It is, of course, in the Canary Islands so is warm pretty much all year round – imagine Christmas Eve being spent sunning yourself with Sangria in hand!

The beach there is famous and so beautiful but we stayed hidden on the cliff side in a gorgeous apart-hotel. We woke up to the sound of the waves crashing below us, we sat on our balcony all day until our skin was prickly and tanned and we drank and laughed for ten whole days! It was our first vacay together, we didn’t live together at the time and it could have been a total disaster. In fact, it was the opposite! We grew closer with each sunset, we learnt more about each other in the amazing Irish Bars, we fell more in love as we navigated Spanish cuisine and had a laugh playing mini golf and silly games in the sunshine!

The views were to die for. Situated on a cliff side, we had panoramic views of sun, sea and enough people watching to keep even me happy! We visited Puerto Rico in February of 2013 and it was crazy hot. I am forever imagining what it would be like to jump on a plane right now, shrug off all the layers and emerge in a bikini ready for that sunshine to kiss my skin and my awful fever away!

With the help of Holiday Gems you can get booking now! I’m already planning my work outs to look the best on holiday for when we go back… it can’t come quick enough!



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