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How To Build A Media Kit

A media kit is such an important tool to have as a blogger. It is the key to showing brands, PRs and more what your brand is and what your blog is like. It is the easiest way to show them how many views you get, who your blog reaches and what a success you are making of your love of blogging!

So, what is a Media Kit?

For bloggers, a Media Kit is a document that shows all of the most important numerical facts and statistics about your blog. Media Kits can be used to show potential brands what you would offer in a blog collaboration and what they would expect to see from your blog’s post featuring them. It’s a professional document to send to brands to show them things like your Social Media followings and who would potentially see your posts.

So, please don’t laugh at my Media Kit. I created it completely myself with the help of Canva and I was super proud of it! It is a little rustic and rough around the edges, but ya know what? It’s worked so so well for me already!

Let’s, first, give Canva the love it deserves.. all of the graphics and super cute bits on my blog that look professional are from Canva. It has an app and I use it on my laptop so that when I save my images to the cloud they are accessible all in one place! I built my Media Kit with the help of Canva after struggling for hours trying to build my own on my desktop!

So, let’s talk about what needs to go in any good Media Kit.

First thing is first. You must have your blog photo, the most recent more clear one, on your Media Kit. I update mine with my latest photo from my Blog Bio which is the same one on all of my Social Media Channels.

It’s always good to have a little bio about yourself in there somewhere. I included things like my rough dress sizes, my age and location to help PRs and brands see first hand what you’re about and if their bits would even suit you.

Next, brands will need to know your stats straight away. There are lots of different ways of presenting it but a Media Kit can quickly become very wordy and boring. I am very much a visual person and I really enjoyed putting mine together in the hope that it would be fun to read.

I decided to use good graphics that go with my blog’s theme and colour scheme. These are really easy to find online and I think the cute pink widgets showing my Social Media followings really easily.

You need to include in your Media Kit is your stats. These are really important and I make a point of updating them at the end of each month on my Media Kit.

Your stats should include:

Daily and Monthly average page views

Daily unique users

Your DA score

Your visits to date

I also add graphics of some of the brands I’ve been fortunate enough to work with in the past as a gesture of good will to show brands my reputation and how reputable I am to collaborate with.

It’s always good to add what services you can include in a collaboration with brands. Be that sponsored posts, giveaways, banners and reviews.

I really hope this is helpful! Please let me know how you get on building your Media Kit!

Here is the link to my Media Kit!




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