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I Love Palmer’s | Review

Hi, hello, it’s me. And I have brand new information! You’re gonna wanna know it all! So, here it is. I friggin’ LOVE Palmer’s!

OK, so if you’ve visited my blog before, then that wont be brand new news to you. You’ll already know that I have been buying Palmer’s skincare since I got my first cash in hand job. Palmer’s shea butter accompanied me on my first girls holiday (and every holiday since) and I’ve been incredibly lucky enough to work with Palmer’s on LoveRosiee before!

So, here I am, a little past Valentine’s Day, showing some love for a brand that’s helped my confidence with stretch marks, made me shine when I’ve felt bad and been a trusty skincare companion for all of my adult life!

Recently, the amazing team over at Fuel PR & Palmer’s sent me over a little Galentine’s Day Gift in a huge Palmer’s box filled with some of the newest and most beautiful bits from my favourite brand as well as a gorgeous card from Paper Chase, a book to note down something positive each day for 365 days, a Boss Babe cup, some Girl Gang pencils & some love hearts!

But because of my work schedule, hectic parcel deliveries (blogger problems) and life in general, the package didn’t arrive to until a few days past Valentine’s Day – but I still wanted to share it all with you guys!

Is there a better smell that coconut or shea butter? I mean really! Those scents within skincare are so iconic that as soon as you pop that lid you know what you are in for!

So, when I popped open this huge box filled with goodies, I instantly made my man smell every single Palmer’s item. He knew exactly what they smelt like, he already knows of my obsession, but I still made him smell them!

Now, let’s talk about the good stuff!

My skin is OK I guess. Yes, at 26 I have got stretch marks – on my hips, on my thighs and my bum. I hate them – I’d love to say that I don’t but I do. I don’t see them in the mirror anymore and that is thanks to Palmer’s. As a young girl, my self esteem wasn’t great – Hell, as a twenty six year old, my self esteem isn’t exactly high.

But being a teenager with big boobs, a large behind and child baring hips and stretch marks to boot – I was not happy in my own skin.

But with time and lots of applications of Palmer’s shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut butters (I like to mix it up but always use the same brand – because it works!) my little marks of rapid growth have all but disappeared to the naked eye!

Now that I am to be a bride and marry my amazing soul mate (who, by the way doesn’t give a crap about any marks on my body, he thinks I’m mad!), these feelings of insecurities have crept back in. I can’t help it, I think I am made up of feeling negatively about myself and I know it is silly. But, truth is, planning my wedding has made me panic!

The thought of looking like I do (overweight right now and super pale) on my big day is a scary thought. But with the help of Palmer’s I know I will feel a little better on my journey!

Not to mention the fact that we are eloping to a gorgeous holiday spot for our wedding which means that before I even step into my Wedding dress, I’ll have showered off all of my negativity and lathered myself in my old trusty Palmer’s!

My favourite brand will be walking with me down the aisle, making me feel at ease, confident and proud to be me!

So, thanks Palmer’s and Fuel PR for sending out the love, you know I love ya back!


** The items in this post were sent for the purpose of this honest review **


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