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Space Mask Review

One word I would not use to describe my every day life is relaxed. My life like many of yours is hectic; from the moment I open my eyes in the morning to the moment I crawl into bed at night, I am on the go! I am not unlike anyone else, I am simply a 26 year old girl who works full time, is planning their dream wedding and also has to juggle a big family and a social life! So, I know that I often need to add a little dose of relaxation into my life – even just for fifteen minutes!

When a special delivery from Space Masks landed on my door matt, I knew that my little slice of relaxation was only a few steps away! And I thank Space Masks for helping me take fifteen minutes every so often!

So, if you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll probably know that I am something of a face mask addict! Give me all the sheet masks, the clay masks, the masks that cover your face, heated ones, cooling ones. I mean it, I’ve tried them all and a good mask is the one thing I try and treat myself to each month with my pay packet!

Space Masks are slightly different from most other masks! Instead of a sheet or gloop that you stick on your face, Space Masks are simply eye masks. They come with little loops to hook around your ears to keep them in place and you are instructed to simply lie back and let the Space Masks work their magic!

The mask is self heating and the mask itself reacts to oxygen to heat up your eyes and the areas around your eyes gently and slowly. I am not usually one for lying back and relaxing but for my first go using a Space Mask, I set an alarm on my phone for 15 minutes time, lay on my bed among my pillows, closed my eyes and listened to Come Dine With Me play in the background.

At first I felt annoyed that there was so much to do and I was lying on my bed doing nothing, but after a few minutes I actually started to relax. The gentle heat of the mask penetrated my tired eyes and made them feel warm and revitalised. I even ended up falling asleep and being shocked when the alarm I had set rudely awoke me!

That little fifteen minute time out was incredible! I didn’t know how exhausted I was until I was physically forced to take some me time. Yes I am a face mask addict but I rarely relax when I put them on – usually I apply one and run around like a crazy person waiting for the time to end!

I know that I am not unlike so many of you guys! Life is mad, we work all week and try to shoe horn as much into the weekend as we can. But sometimes we need to just stop. Not stop fully, just take a fifteen minute breather!

I loved the relaxation and calm that I had after my first Space Mask that I ended up doing another one the very next day! I now only have one mask left in my pack of three and I am going to save it up for a mid-week pamper night all for me!

I can’t stress how much better I’ve felt in the last few days. My brain is more quiet, my eyes are less sore and I am super excited to do it alllll over again!

You can get your hands on these incredible self heating eye masks by visiting Space Masks! Remember, take some time to relax, take stock and look after yourself!


  • The Space Masks featured in this post were gifted in return for this review**

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