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SEO Tips Part Two

Welcome back lovelies. My original SEO Tips post went down so well and I am buzzing to still be hearing such amazing feedback from it. Lots of you guys have been using my tips and are already seeing a difference in no time at all! But, one post wasn’t enough. SEO and google change their parameters all the time and there’s always more tips to learn, more hacks to use and more ways to be clever about getting your blog and your message out there! So, we’ll dive straight back in to Part Two of my SEO tips!

Keep your website nice and quick – a slow loading website is one that I, as an avid blog reader and general internet mole, don’t like. If a page is slow to load, my patience runs out and I click off. It’s as simple and as brutal as that. So, my tip would be:
go on your user’s journey to and through your blog.
Do your pages load in good time? Do the links work? If not, get rid of ridiculously high resolution images – compromise the image for readers, just make it smaller it doesn’t have to be anything drastic.
I always work on the thought of my own journey through other people’s blogs: three clicks and if I haven’t found what I want or something that tickles my pickle, I am outta there. Harsh but true!
You got three clicks, make ’em quick, make ’em good, make ’em memorable!

Name your images with key words – a laborious task I know. Blogging admin can take foreverrrr but it really will make such a difference. As with my previous post, key words are KEY no matter where they are in the content!

Always link to other relevant sites – seems a bit of an easy one but when you really think about it, you could link and link and link till the cows come home! Take this post for example, there are no brands to link to, no hidden code but I can be clever and link to Canva for my imagery, link to a free stock image site for stock photos, link to my previous post, link to social media and search engines. It could take a while but it works!

Be on the ball with content – update your blog as much as you can. It’s the same as social media, to stay relevant and at the top of the pile, you have to keep on contributing! I usually have a three times a week post policy, usually on the same days every week so my readers know what to expect when. Don’t fall into the trap of posting for the sake of it. Make it good content that’s original to you and make sure you’ve got enough of it to keep plugging!

Inbound traffic is essential to SEO – but this one is ridiculously tricky! The best but a very hard way to get this is to get yourself involved with brands willing to share your content on their sites or blogs. This can be so hard if you’re just starting out – so, if you are, keep going with the good content and this bit will come eventually!

My final tip for SEO is to be yourself – as a blogger, it’s so goddamn obvious when a person isn’t being themselves or doesn’t believe what they’re writing and it’s the biggest turn off. Be you, enjoy blogging and the rest will come!

What do you guys think of my mammoth SEO Tips posts? Will you follow any of them?



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