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Spacemasks |Royal Marsden Charity

In this cruel world, almost everyone I know has been affected by cancer. It’s the disease that doesn’t discriminate, it takes those that we love the most and it leaves sadness and grief behind. Cancer has hit my family in the past and it’s something lots of my family members are keen to raise money for. So, when spacemasks brought out their new incredible self heating mask in collaboration with the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity Box, I knew I had to let the world know about it!

Spacemasks are self-heating eye masks that have changed the way I’ve been relaxing and taking time out this year.
I worked with this great brand earlier on this year (find the post here) and have loved seeing them grow from strength to strength!

Spacemasks encourage you to really take time out when using them. The self heating mask sits comfortably over your eyes and heats as you relax.
When I raced through my first pack of four masks, I was transported to a new pamper place – I am terrible at sitting still; there’s always so much to do and even when I try and pamper, I’m still sort of on the go.

But with Spacemasks, because of the positioning of the masks and the self heating feature, as soon as its on your face, you are forced to sit back and let it work its magic!

I choose to apply the mask just after my big shower/bath on a Sunday night. The reflection time gives me a chance to plan my week in my head while being appreciative of another good weekend and happy life.

Click here to buy your spacemask and contribute towards an amazing cause!



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