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Antipodes Hand & Body Cream Review

Now, if there was one break out brand of 2019 for me that have seriously won my heart and my love, it would have to be Anitpodes! I’ve very recently had the pleasure of working with them on more than a few occasions and every single time I fall in love further with their ethos, the amazing quality of their products and the brand as a whole! Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent their brand new Hand & Body Creams to review and I am excited to share this with you.. Antipodes Hand & Body Cream Review!

I can be quite fussy when it comes to moisturisers. It’s a huge part of my daily beauty routine and I really believe in moisturising to combat early signs of ageing and now at the grand old age of 27, I am super hot on it. Some moisturisers can promise the world: non-greasy formula, lovely scents, long lasting – the lot! However, many moisturisers simply do not live up to their promises.

That is not the case with Antipodes!

With both of the Hand & Body Moisturiser Creams that I’ve tried I have been super impressed. Not only do they each smell like an absolute dream, you can really feel your skin soaking up the goodness and becoming calmer and more moisturised!

Joyful bursts with blackcurrant scents! You can really feel the luxurious avocado oil seeping into the skin on your hands and neck where it is needed most! It will leave your skin feeling soft, light and most importantly velvety with no greasy residue!

Delight smells like a holiday in a tube – it’s going in my luggage for my end of summer sunshine trip and I can’t wait to be draping myself in it all vacay long!

The macadamia nut oil is a whole new level of moisture and it really seeps into the skin naturally without feeling sticky or artificial! This little gem is perfect for those tricky areas on your hand that always get neglected – my knuckles and wrist underneath my watch areas feel so much happier, less angry and are also looking the healthiest they’ve been for months! I have a terrible habit of tapping my fingers, wringing my hands and more when nervous and with a wedding to plan, the nerves do get to me from time to time.

However, recently I’ve taken to applying either Delight or Joyful to my hands and wrists and moisturising my hands with the natural oils and lovely scents to try and be more gentle on my long suffering hands!

I’ve fallen in love again with Antipodes and all that they offer, my skin is happier, my stress levels are lower and I smell incredible everywhere I go!

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* Items in this post were gifted in return of an honest review *


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