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My Weekly Hair Routine

Hello you lovely lot! Let’s talk hair shall we? We’ve had some crazy heat, some rainy days and some high winds this summer already and for me, my hair just cannot cope! I have hair that’s almost down to my butt but I’ve been stuck with messy plaits, trying that Molly-Mae bun and instantly regretting having it down! all summer. So, when a pink package arrived from Lee Stafford hair, the hair God looked down on me and gave me a smile!

The new Keep It Clean range from Lee Stafford hair has helped my hair go back to shiny, healthy looking and super easy to style!

Let’s talk packaging goals, shall we? Lee Stafford hair products always have the edge for the pink styles but I am sucker for anything pastel!
I love the fact that both the shampoo and conditioner come with a pump because it means I waste less and faff less in the shower where I spend hours of my life planning my world domination and going over what I should have said in an argument seven years ago! I much prefer a pump applicator than previous Lee Stafford bottles that had the opening at the bottom – it meant that I’d make a mess and when the shampoo was running out, I struggled to squeeze the bottle because I am a huge weakling!

The scent of the products in the Keep It Clean range are absolutely beautiful and really carry with the hair even after a day (I wash my hair at least every other day to ensure it is kept healthy and has it all of its own nutrients). The scent is light and floral without going straight up your nose and leaving a bad taste!

The Keep It Clean Replenishing Mask with Pink Clay is an absolute WIN! It is in fact the best mask I have ever used in the Lee Stafford ranges! It is light with a clay feel that isn’t heavy, greasy and chalky. It is pink and smells like the range rather than that awful clay smell you sometimes get. It really works!

Using the new Keep It Clean Range, here is my hair routine:

  • Wet hair as normal – this shampoo really activates in super wet hair so spend some time getting your locks under that shower head
  • use the handy pump to pump around 4 blobs of Keep It Clean shampoo onto your hand
  • lather into your hair – it foams up really quickly and smells amazing so you wont have to over work your hair or your arms
  • wash out gently
  • now it’s time to use the fabulous Replenishing Mark with pink clay. Simply grab with an open hand about a palm sized amount and gently work it through your hair from root to tip with your finger tips
  • this mask works best when left in for at least 5 minutes
  • once you have shaved your legs, contemplated what you’re having for dinner and five minutes has passed, gently wash this out and comb through your hair to ensure no residue is left
  • Last step is to apply the lovely smelling and super soft conditioner.
  • Pump around 5/6 pumps onto your hand – I am always over generous with conditioner but I have lots of hair
  • Work through your hair making sure you concentrate on your roots
  • tie up in a bun on top of your head and take some time to shower in peace
  • after at least 5 minutes, wash out.

You’ll be able to feel the difference in your hair as soon as you start washing out the hair mask and once that conditioner comes off your hair will feel soft, fluffy and super easy to handle – not to mention smell incredible and look hella shiny!

So, that’s my weekly hair routine using my new favourite range from Lee Stafford Hair: Keep It Clean. The range gets a massive thumbs up from me!


* Items in this post were gifted *


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