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Aurora Glow Kit Review

It’s been a while since I shared any sort of beauty tutorial and while I had a little time off from blogging in June, I thought, how can I get my passion back for my channel; what makes me want to create and be creative? What motivates me to share? And then I remembered that when I started on this journey with LoveRosiee almost four years ago, I was obsessed with beauty how-to’s and tutorials. So, today, I am sharing a full on review of something that I have been loving and I’m even popping in front of the camera for one or two!

You may have seen in my recent What I Got For My Birthday blog post (hit the link for a nose) that in May for my 27th Birthday, my man gifted me with some lovely beauty bits. But the best item for me would be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit!

This beautiful palette is not one you see everyday! In a world where highlighting became hugely popular almost over night, it’s one that you need in your treasure chest!
Not only is it beautiful to look at, the pigments and colours of the highlighters are like nothing I’ve ever used before – baring other Anastasia Beverly Hills products!

The shades are perfectly pearl-like and iridescent and catch the light in the most beautiful and gentle way!

Here’s me, pre-glow. I have a full face of make up on but no glow or highlight. I tend to use a good quality blush with iridescent elements – my current favourite is Nars Orgasm – you can see that just a tiny brush of the blush catches the light, softens my cheeks and makes the look more gentle!

But now for the real glow..

To get the best use out of any powdered highlight, I use this fan brush from Crown Brushes – I collaborated with them over two years ago on some beauty blog posts and I fell in love with this brush immediately. I don’t use another brush for applying highlighter – nothing matches up!

Because the brush is so lightweight and feathered so it disperses the Aurora Glow Kit pearls evenly, gently and with no clumps or grainy feel!

To get that glow look at its best, I gently swipe my brush first over Eclipse which has a pink and blush feel to it. I then swipe that carefully underneath my eyes in gentle wafts that don’t puff up or make a mess.

Then I use Luna which has a more pearl and lighter look to it to finish the look. I am known to go a littttle over board with the highlight and out it under my eyes, on the tip of my nose and on my chin. I can sometimes walk closer to the side of glowing with sweat than glowing with beauty – but with such a gorgeous product, it’s hard not to get highlight happy!

With such a gorgeous glow palette and with such easy to use and beautiful tools, getting the balance of that much sought after glow is the easiest thing ever, perfect for the last step of applying your make up!

You can get your hands on the items in this post by hitting the links below:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit
Crown Brush Soft Fan Highlighter Brush



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