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What I Got For My Birthday!

Guys, I am friggin’ 27! When did this happen!? I swear I was sitting my GCSEs last week and planning my 16th Birthday party! But, it’s happening, my body is growing and my mind is, sort of, ageing too!
I celebrated my 27th Birthday while away in Florida with my amazing man and planning our amazing wedding for 2020 and was treated to some wonderful gifts from him!

Let’s dive right in shall we?

My amazing fiance knows me inside out and backwards and so I did not have to give him any guidance when it came to what I’d love for my birthday. As a beauty blogger’s boyfriend, he knows that the postman is often at our door with amazing make up and new beauty releases so it can be a bit risky to get me new beauty. But he did very well this year!

What a haul! Many of these items he managed to pick up on our American adventure and some I think he bought at home and secretly packed in his suitcase to give me on my big day!

Let’s start with the little gem shall we?

Aurora Glow Kit – Anastasia Beverly Hills
Wowowowowow! I have wanted this palette for the longest time! If you’ve visited LoveRosiee before, you’ll know that I am already the proud owner of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit and it is incredible!

But the Aurora palette is a whole new level of highlight! The reflect effect of the colours and pigments in this palette are a whole new level!

Here is a breakdown of the creamy/powder shades:

  • Eclipse: a pinkish irridescent shade that is perfect for on top of your natural blush and also to layer on top of light eye make up to make it pop!
  • Luna: a more pearl-like shade that works perfectly as a final highlight on areas such as your eye brow arch and tip of your nose
  • Spectra: a light lilac shade that I haven’t been brave enough to use yet – I am still a lovely bronze from all of that glories Floridian sunshine so once I’ve stopped radiating, I’ll be brave!
  • Helia: a more golden hue that has a lovely reflective effect. Perfect on your high cheekbones
  • Orion: A blue-ish glitter. Another one I haven’t used yet (I’ve only had the palette a few weeks) but I’ve swatched it and it is so glittery an catches the light beautifully!
  • Lyra: a rose-gold style pink that I’ve actually been using in substitution to my usual blusher. I am glowing every single time!

If you’re a regular on my blog, you will know that I am already Nars obsessed. I have been for years, ever since I blogged for them in my local Fenwicks store!

My man did so well to replenish my favourite mascara, the Audacious Mascara. I have 482747584 mascaras in my beauty room (I am a beauty blogger after all) but I have never loved a mascara as much as this one! When mine ran out in March I was gutted but started to go through my many others from other brands and nothing has matched up! Lucky me!

Let’s talk bronzer. As I mentioned above, I am fortunate in that I caught lots of lovely rays from that gorgeous Florida sunshine and I’ve managed to keep hold of most of it and I hope to as the summer progresses. Having some sun on my skin makes me feel so healthy and full of live and with this Nars Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer, I should keep a hold of it for the entire sunny season!

It’s not too heavy, not too blocky and it sits really nicely on my skin. As with all of the Nars products that I love, it’s gentle and lasts all day and all night! It definitely sits up there with my favourite bronzer of all time, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil!

Speaking of Too Faced.. my man knows that I am absolutely taken with the brand. They are right at the top of my beauty wish list every time!

He bought me the Too Faced Peach Blur has helped my skin to look flawless every day and in every photo – even in some less-than-flattering snaps of me in the middle of Dublin on my sister’s hen do!

This blush and finishing powder is a dream come true. Super light weight, smells like a dream and lasts through sweaty dance offs with my sisters! What more could you want?

Last, but by no means least. Look at this beauty!

Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Oil Highlighter! I mean, look at it! Number one: packaging goals. Number two: pure luxury and bliss!

As you well know, I am a highlight addict and this one is here to end all drops of nectar! The golden, soft liquid really gets into your skin to make you look golden and radiant!

The first time I applied it I shocked myself in the mirror! I had never looked so radiant, so happy and healthy and so golden!

27 might just look good on me!

Would you like to see these looks in tutorial style posts? Stay tuned for more!




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