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The Perfume Society | Launches We Love Review

I love perfume! I am officially a perfume ADDICT. If you’ve visited my little blog before, you’ll already know that! I feel that giving yourself a little spritz as the last item that you put on for the day can life you! Perfume for me is so exciting, it’s a special treat and my addiction has blossomed since becoming a beauty blogger!

The Launches We Love Box from The Perfume Society is a genius idea on their part. It’s the perfect way for the incredible brand to send out sample sizes and minis of some of their new amazing launches. Amazingly, The Perfume Society now have a whole range of boxes just like this one – some for me, some for certain seasons, the list is endless!

So, when I was approached by the incredible Perfume Society to review some of their products, I was over the moon to put my own personal opinion and honest feel on all of it!

What arrived on my doorstep was more than I ever expected! A box jam packed with perfumes to try, trial and smell – you can imagine, I was in heaven!

Now, what arrived was a box chock full with some mini sized perfumes and also some small samples which have about 4 good sprays before they’re gone. This may not be ideal if you fall in love with a certain perfume (which I have done many times with this box!) but it gave me the option to spritz a new scent every day and decide which ones would go on my shopping list!

Some of my favourites on the list have got to be:
Flower By Kenzo
La Panthere by Cartier
Ida by Miller & Harris

Having such a lovely gift land on my doorstep filled to the brim with so many different perfume samples has really helped my perfume addiction along nicely.

I’ve loved how floral some of the scents are – namely anything by Miller & Harris. These scents are so light and refreshing and give that full summer feel to any outfit.

Cartier is just such a touch of class and although I did not save my spritzes for best, when I buy the large bottle, it’ll be brought out for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries. Hell, anything that I can try to upgrades as “best”.

Alien by Mugler is a classic, a scent that brings me back to my teenage years playing around in my local Boots with my girlfriends, discovering what beauty was to me!

This box is amazing!
If I wasn’t addicted to perfume, I am now! I love the huge amount of variety jammed into the box and I think it’s a great way for the Perfume Society to share all of their treasures in one neat box that lands on your door step!

I have signed myself up to keep receiving this box and I look forward to it arriving every time!

To get your hands on the new boxes coming from the Perfume Society, click this link!


** Items in this post were received on a gifted basis in return for an honest blog post **


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