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Impress Pedicure Review

Guys, I have officially found a GAME CHANGER in the way of beauty hacks! It’s been one I’ve known about in the pipeline for a little while and I am so excited to finally be able to share with you the brand new Impress Press On Pedicure! If you’ve visited LoveRosiee before, you’ll know that I am something of a nail art lover, and even more so when it comes to simply sticking them on and going – these pedicure nails are a serious lazy girl hack!

Here we are ladies, stick on, great quality nails from one of the best brands in the industry, Impress Nails.

My toes are always an area that gets neglected. I am on my feet quite a lot and I tend to wear ill-fitting shoes which results in sad feet that need extra TLC. I try and treat myself to a pedicure as often as possible because it is pure bliss but my diary gets more hectic by the week and sometimes I cannot face to part with almost £45 a time.

This is why the Impress Press On Pedicure is perfect for me!

Stick them on for events where your piggies will be out or just to make yourself feel a little pampered!

Just the next couple of weekends are crazy for me. We have my sister’s hen do, a gig, drinks with work, my beautiful sister’s wedding, a family bbq and that’s without actually opening my diary! So I need all the glam I can get without the hour in the beauty shop and dropping the dough!

These little stick-ons literally take minutes to apply. To trial them in a rush I didn’t even remove the gnarly nail polish left from my trip to Florida in May. Can you tell? Nope.

Simply size up each nail with your own tiny toe nails – don’t worry, there’s loads of options for larger nail sizes and tiny ones for feet like mine (I’m a size three in shoe and some of my toe nails are like a baby’s).

As soon as you’ve sized them, simply peel of the stickers on the underside and place onto the nail. Hold firm for a few seconds so that they are in place and that’s it! Seriously! That’s all there is to it!

The beauty of it is, if you want to switch around with styles, just gently peel off the stick on nail and place another colour, theme on instead!

These are super-limited-edition right now so keep your eyes peeled for me but I just HAD to share them with you!

You’ll see me sporting these all summer long – and I can’t wait to mix and match styles and get people under the illusion that I actually have my s*** together!

Get your hands on these Impress Stick On Pedicure nails by hitting this link!


** Items in this post were gifted in receipt of an honest blog post **


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