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Guinot Windsor | Review

Hello you lovely lot! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that recently I’ve been living my best life (as usual) and visiting amazing places for LoveRosiee to get some good reviews to share with you all. This time, it’s the turn of the lovely and fairly new Guinot Salon in my local town of Windsor!

I popped into my new local Guinot store on a sunny Thursday evening to get my pamper on! I have a fairly stressful job and wedding planning has ramped up recently so my skin is a mirror of my internal worries and stresses right now. When I arrived in the store (which is deceivingly massive inside!) I had a break out on my chin and areas of skin that were dryer than an elephant’s hide!

The lovely ladies in store, Kirsty and Meggie, were so welcoming, so calm and so ready to get my pamper on! They explained a little about the Windsor branch and the plans to expand areas like the hidden and calm downstairs which will become a spa-like quiet room!
The Windsor branch is set along the lower high street and among some lovely local shops and hidden gems, a little walk from the castle and perfect for me to pop in for some after work me time!

I went for a Hydradermie Youth Age Logic facial – while at only 27 I think I am looking pretty good, I am a big believer in prevention before the cause. So this facial was perfect for me!

My skin is combination – oily in the T Zone and super dry on the cheeks. I had quite a big break out on my chin which was very rd, inflamed and scabbed – just at that stage where I can’t stop picking it because I’m so self conscious.

Kirsty explained each step with me and showed me some of the gels that she’d be using on my skin as well as the hydradermie electro-light machine.

The rooms for your procedures are very spacious and there’s lots to see with regard to the products used and technologies behind it!

I stripped off and got ready to pamper myself silly.

I am actually not very good at relaxing, with my job, blog and life, things are usually whirring around my head at a million miles an hour so God knows I needed some pamper time to bring me back down to Earth!

For over an hour, I was taken to skincare heaven.
The beautiful smelling gels soothed my skin in areas that were roar, they moisturised in areas that were dry. The electrolyte treatment buzzed and tapped on my skin feeling cool and warm in different places. The only discomfort for around my temples where I could see very small flashes of light. But it felt amazing. My skin was being smoothed, calmed and plumped with every brush of Kirty’s hands!

After my hour long facial, the skin on my face was glowing. I felt like a newborn – the skin was so soft and fresh. The redness and anger of my breakout had completely gone! I felt moisturised and oily in places that was thirsty for it. My T Zone felt balanced for the first time weeks and my mood was much more relaxed!

I absolutely loved my trip to Guinot in Windsor, not only was it super relaxing but my skin hasn’t had a breakout since.. and we’re almost three weeks on!
I will definitely be popping back before my big day for some pampering for myself and my entourage!

The lovely ladies at Guinot Windsor offer lots of pampering too… you can get your nails done, waxing, make up, slimming treatments and of course many different types of facials including the one I had!

So, get your pamper on and get booking into your local Guinot salon, or come down to beautiful leafy Windsor and visit my local Guinot ladies!


* Treatments received in return for an honest blog post *


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