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Nivea | Indian Summer Must Haves

It’s September and I am just not ready. September has snuck up on me and I am a little down about it! But, an Indian Summer is on the cards and I am SO here for it! So, today I am sharing my Indian Summer Must Haves from my faves at Nivea!

Nivea is a go to brand for me when it comes to skincare and summer – they literally go hand in hand! Everything that comes out new from Nivea smells incredible but most importantly, is amazing on my skin!

This Indian Summer, I am lathering myself in Nivea’s Protect and Moisture Sun Cream – it’s the best one for sensitive skin! And, even though my skin has seen lots of sun this summer, I always try to use a high factor on areas like my face, neck and hands. These areas have thinner skin and need extra attention – I am 27 now and want to prevent any signs of early ageing as well as skin damage so factor 50 in the heat of this September is perfect for me!

If you’ve visited LoveRosiee before, you’ll know that I am something of a moisturiser addict! Ever since my pre-teens (when I was one of the first girls in my year to have to shave my legs) I’ve been obsessed with keeping my skin soft and supple. I moisturise more than I probably should be you cant beat the feeling of smooth skin all over your body and knowing your skin is drinking up those well-needed nutrients makes me happy!

This new body moisture mousse from Nivea is I N C R E D I B L E! It foams really easily, keeps its form and isn’t watery. The cucumber and matcha tea scents come through gently and settle into your skin in the best way! This moisturiser is perfect on freshly shaved legs!

This Nivea Clay Fresh deep cleansing shower gel is a dream on sunshine skin! If your skin needs some deep moisturising and care, this is the product for you! It smells amazing, I imagined it would smell like pesto (which weirdly, I am not dead against!) with the basil, but it doesn’t! It smells light, fresh and creamy as hell!

Lastly, I am mango obsessed right now. I love mango everything and I am secretly worried that with summer leaving us, mango will soon be off our shelves!

But this delicious and fruity mango lip balm is perfect. It’s the last hint of summer on the tip of your tongue before summer comes to an end! A dream for lipcare!

You can buy alllll of the items in this post by hitting this link!



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