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Herbalife Tri-Blend Select| First Impressions

Hello you lovely lot! I’ve been a busy little blogger bee recently and trying lots of and lots of stuff out to share with you all and today is an exciting one! If you’ve visited LoveRosiee before, you’ll know that I work quite regularly with Herbalife and am lucky enough to trial lots of their new ranges and today is no exception… here are my first impressions of Herbalife’s Tri-Blend Select!

Inside this gigantic box is so much to see!

Here’s what you need to know about the new Herbalife Tri-Blend Select range:
> It’s high in fibre and low in sugar
> Ingredients are all natural and plant based
> Includes pea, quinoa and flax seed for plant based protein
> Contains 7 vitamins and minerals
> Suitable for vegans
> Gluten free

This new range is delicious – the banana flavour is sweet with a little kick so I was shocked when I saw that it was low in sugar!

I’ve not been using it long (you know me and first impressions post and you know I like to try and try and try anything that I review) but when I do, it’s usually after my hour chunk of exercise as a little treat for my dehydrated self!

I use the Tri-Blend Select with a dairy alternative milk like almond milk and it has a really nice and creamy consistency and tastes really yummy – especially following a long hard work out!

I plan to try this new Tri-Blend select a little more and I am also planning on using it in some baking – I’m thinking a delicious banana bread perfect for the transitional weather that we’re bound to be experiencing soon!

Stay tuned to see how my journey goes and how my energy levels go! I am very excited!

To shop the new Tri-Blend Herbalife range click here!



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