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Transitional Nails | Kiss Review

This girl is a nail art addict! Did you know that LoveRosiee was originally created to share my very own nail art and nailspo activities? Long story short, that didn’t quite happen and four years into blogging I review not only excellent nail products but skincare, beauty, food, cocktails, you name it, I am here to review it! However, nail art is still close to my heart! And with Kiss’ new launches out, I thought it would be great to share their new transitional nails!

Transitional season is almost upon us and I hate it but I have to embrace it. I am a summer bean through and through and find the transition into autumn to sometimes be a bit of a sad one! I know I’m not the only one, it gets worse after Christmas. Yes I did just say the C word!

But with these gorgeous stick on nails from Kiss Nails, there’s something to look forward to! I swear by Kiss nails, if you’ve been to LoveRosiee before you’ll know that I collaborate quite a lot with this amazing brand and use them a lot both for content and for my real life!

I love that these nails have a little sparkle and dazzle about them – perfect for the inevitable sparkle season (sorry!) but I also like the length! I am usually a short nail girl, I use my laptop a lot and it’s just not practical for me to have majorly long talons all the time.

However when it comes to cocktail night, pass the long stick ons, the Beyonce in me is dying to get out!

Kiss has so many varieties of nails and all are stick ons which means you can mix, match, swap and switch reallly easily!

I am a sucker for a sparkly nail and you can see that there’s plenty of sparkle to go round with Kiss!

Love love love!

Shop the range here!



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