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Miin Cosmetics | Review

Hello you guys! As you know, this girl is a skincare addict! My beauty room is chocked full of face masks, sheet masks, creams, lotions, potions and so much more. If I send my man in to retrieve something he gets overwhelmed and needs a sit down – it’s hilarious! You may remember recently that I shared some first impressions of some lovely Koren skincare (find the post here) and now it’s time to give you the full run down! Here’s my Miin Cosmetics review!

Korean Skincare is something that had fallen under my radar for quite some time. And now that I’ve been using these delightful bits from Miin Cosmetics with this handy book from Octopus Publishing, I cannot believe what I’ve been missing!

I can quite honestly say, this new skincare adventure has been a pleasure! I am a sheet mask addict, at any one time, I must have around 10 in my beauty room. You can’t beat them, stick one on your face and carry on your merry way – no fuss, no cleaning, no admin!

I can confirm that the Bubble Mask is incredible! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my recent hilarious stories featuring this funny little mask. When first applied it is like any other run of the mill sheet mask. But as it activates and gets into cleaning your skin, the mask starts to bubble and fizz. In the end, when the mask has done its job, you’ll look like a fluffy, bubbly moon face and it’s just the best!

Once the mask is at the bubbly-moon-face stage, it’s ready to be removed and peeled off from your face.

There is a little residue left over – I simply massaged this into my skin using a muslin style cloth perfect for skincare. It’s not sticky or tacky and it sinks into your skin really easily!

The Milk Whipping Foam is an absolute dream, not only does it smell nice but it is the fluffiest skincare formula I’ve ever had the pleasure of testing! Whenever I apply it (usually at night following a hot shower and just before bed along with some lavender body moisturiser) I can literally feel my skin drinking it in! It’s so fluffy and light but it really gets into my most dry areas while not irritating them or making me feel overly greasy!

I cannot believe I went so long without trying good Korean cosmetics or skincare! Miin Cosmetics have seriously changed my mind! I was seriously been missing out – but no more!

My skincare is now more adventurous and I am constantly searching for Korean skincare everywhere I go!

Would you try Korean Skincare like Miin Cosmetics?



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