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Lemonade Box | Full Review

So, my Instagram has been blowing up recently from you guys loving my posts revealing all that is in October’s Lemonade Box and it’s finally time for me to share with you guys my thoughts and give you an honest review on all of the amazing products! You know me, I’m known for being honest and truthful and this one is no different – so get ready for a review of my first Lemonade Self Care Subscription box!

Before working with the lovely people behind Lemonade, I’d seen plenty about them all over my social media channels. I was really intrigued by a new type of box that really highlights self care – Lord knows I’ve reviewed enough beauty boxes to know that that’s not always the mission!

October’s Lemonade box was filled with plenty of skincare, bath stuff and something unique to Lemonade – some baking bits!

I thought this was a GREAT idea – I love beauty but I LOVE the idea of making some cute cupcakes with my gift too. Baking is such a simple way to take some self care and love and Creative Nature’s Muffin Mix is easy to bake with and makes 6 delicious cup cakes!

The GLOW Bedtime Bath Salts from Kiss The Moon are a dream! I love the orange scent and as soon as I sprinkled them in my bath before bed after another long, tough day, I instantly felt relaxed and sleepy!

Sleep is so important to self care and when I don’t get enough sleep I am a nightmare to be around! Needless to say that I slept like a baby after using these salts.

The Cherry Blossom Lip Mask from Kocostar UK is lovely. This weather plays havoc with my skin and my lips are usually the first area to present any signs of stress or weather affects. A good quality lip mask can be hard to come by but this one is soothing, large in size and can be used quickly and easily!

I used mine during my long hot bath and I moisturised in any residue left from the mask after I brushed my teeth – my lips felt so much healthier, happier and more plump the following morning!

This Cherry Blossom Flower Mask is just dreamy – not only does it smell heavenly, it isn’t too heavy or soppy and doesn’t leave your skin feeling slick or oily. The flower design on the mask is really sweet and a step change from some of the more popular sheet masks on the market right now.
I used this mask one evening midweek, Bake Off reruns on in the background and I just allowed myself to try and relax. I may have even closed my eyes for a minute there – and it was pure uninterrupted bliss!

My skin felt lovely afterwards, like it had had a little treat and there was no oil or sticky feeling which was a bonus!

This Black Bath Cauldron Bomb is INCREDIBLE! You know that I love Halloween and I was so excited to be playing with this bomb on the run up to scare season!

The smoky cinnamon flavour smells incredible and will have your bath fizzing and popping like a magic trick all in one! An absolute winner for me! I did some reading up on this amazing product and found that some of the ingredients in the bath bomb help with things like muscle ache – so that’ll explain why I was feeling all the more supple the next day!

Guys, I loved working with Lemonade Box, it was a great opportunity for me to take some self-care time and it was great to work with a brand that love what they do and do it so well!

You can get your hands on your very own Lemonade Box by hitting this link!



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