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Pennyhill Park | Luxurious Getaway

Welcome back to LoveRosiee, a blog that’s real and honest and all about living your life as well as you possibly could! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that back at the end of the summer, I was lucky enough to visit the amazing Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa – full disclosure, this was not gifted for LoveRosiee, it was a prize I won at my job as a digital marketer. But the place was so spectacular and the stay was so luxurious that I felt that I had to give the whole weekend a full LoveRosiee style blog breakdown!

Pennyhill Park is a spacious and luxurious hotel hidden in the Surrey countryside – not too far from where I live and work in Windsor, and it is a huge estate that is built for spa days, delicious dinners and gorgeous over night stays!

When I visited, on the last weekend of August, the sun wasn’t too powerful, the chill of Autumn was threatening in the air but the grounds of Pennyhill Park and the huge swimming pool welcomed me in!

Every part and aspect of Pennyhill Park is luxury. The photo above where I have the goofiest smile known to man (clearly feeling very chuffed with myself) is taken on the walk to the foyer. Even the simple things like the walk between your room and the pool are like art exhibitions and, let’s face it, a blogger and instagrammers dream!

For my stay I was treated to a night away, lunch on arrival at the spa, dinner that evening and full body massages for me and my fiance! A full package! We also had full spa and swimming pool access for the entirety of our stay.

The swimming pool is massive, the spa is huge and the spa ladies were incredible. While I’ve been treated to many a pamper session through my channels, a full body massage isn’t something I’ve ever had before. But my masseuse was gentle, harder in places where I was tense and soothing for the hour and a half that I was preened, probed and sent to heaven!

We had Cote Du Boef for our dinner and drank red wine as the sun sank behind the views of the hotel. We slept like a dream in our cosy room (no joke, we were asleep by 10!) and the breakfast was fit for a champion!

The selection was massive and the hustle and bustle of a busy but very posh hotel was all around you. While we were there we saw two weddings and all of the fun that comes with that! It was amazing to see families come together while sipping cocktails by the pool!

I am not really a luxe girl, I’l take Buck’s Fizz over Champagne any day but my stay at Pennyhill Park was a slice of pure heaven! I’d love to go and stay again and I was chuffed when I saw that Pennyhill themselves shared some of my snaps on their instagram!

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