So Naturals Cosmetics Review

Are you ready for unique products are that 100% natural, plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, ethically and eco-sensitively sourced, paraben free and free of any petroleum or synthetic additives – which is almost completely avoidable with mainstream brands?
If, like me, you are horrified that your everyday skincare isn’t all of the above, you NEED to try So Naturals Cosmetics!
Lucky for you, I’ve put together a full and honest review!

So Naturals Cosmetics Overview

So Naturals Cosmetics Flatlay

So, if you’ve never heard of So Naturals Cosmetics, this is everything you need to know:
– they are a fairly young brand based in Buckinghamshire (just a stone’s throw away from me in Windsor)
– they are passionate about making natural skincare – as the name insists
– they’ve worked painstakingly to ensure that their skincare products are not only cruelty-free, paraban-free and all that is above – but gentle on your skin and good to use!

What I’ve Tried

I was lucky enough to be sent some amazing skincare and soap items just before lockdown fully came into play in the UK.

In my blogger mail package, I received:
> Waterproof Make Up Remover
> Liquid Soap
> Deodorant
> Ultra Conditioning Gel

Completely Natural Skincare

My Thoughts

Firstly, any eco-friendly and skin-friendly skincare that lands in my inbox and then on my doorstep is always welcomed with open arms.

Regardless of the products themselves, I LOVE this brand! The people behind it are some of the nicest, conscientious and deeply dedicated to their ethos. They are kind and it is such a shame that the Virus has made it so they weren’t able to launch in the way that they deserve.

Secondly, the deodorant has been a game-changer! It has been lovely and warm this past few weeks and even though we are on lockdown, I am working from home all hours that God sends. It’s rare that I get a half an hour in the garden but it has been quite hot and sticky.

I started using the So Natural Cosmetics deodorant stick as soon as it arrived – it smells like coconut and coco and is quite firm until you get to grips with the cardboard handle and applicator. While it doesn’t throw out floral scents and fill your room with headache-inducing clouds of anti-antiperspirant, the deodorant stick kept my underarms moisturised and smelling fresh for hours – far longer than my normal roll on which I end up reapplying multiple times a day.

Natural Beauty

Liquid Soap

Let’s be honest, it is so key now, more than ever, that we are washing our hands as much as possible. Since lockdown was announced, I’ve left my house only a handful of times. I am super careful and even have my man open my blogger mail and the completely disinfect before coming near me.

The Liquid Soap from So Natural Cosmetics is incredible for this time that we are all living through. It is luxurious and foaming while also being not harsh on your senses or on my poor, dry and sore skin!

This product is so versatile, you can use it for EVERYTHING! Not only is it a hand soap, you can use it to wash your hair, to make massive bubbles in your bath and even clean your clothes!

This truly reflects the ethos and thought behind this amazing brand!

My verdict

It’s a big, fat WIN for me! Any brand that goes to such levels to ensure that their products are so friendly to the world, our bodies – even with things like the way they ship their products, how they package items. It’s insane and, really, it’s something that larger brands should really take notice of and adopt where possible!

I love using my So Natural Cosmetics, I’ve used the hell out of loads of them and my skin feels happy, calm and more like me than ever!

You can shop everything So Natural Cosmetics by hitting this link!



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