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LQ Review

Hello you lovely lot! I’m so excited to be sharing this post with you today, it’s been a little while in the making and today is finally the day to share my full and honest review of LQ Liquid Health supplements with you! You may have seen my First Impressions post, do not worry if not, you can find it here!

As you well know, I take pride in really trying every single item that is gifted to me or given to me in receipt of a blog post – it’s one of my biggest pet peeves when I see bloggers do full scale, tell-all reviews after having sampled a product for only 5 days!

No, here at LoveRosiee, I try my products, I put them through their paces and I give my full and honest opinion at the end of it.

The LQ Liquid Health: Skin, Hair and Nails supplements promise to look after you from the inside out! These 50ml bottles of sweet tasting syrup absorb into your gut quicker than leading brands, they are digested easier and quicker and help to strengthen the look and feel of your hair, skin and nails. Or that’s what the party line is…

How did I find using them?

I am not a sweet person and these syrups are incredibly sweet. They aren’t awful tasting but avoid doing it straight after you’ve brushed your teeth!
I took my daily sample each morning before work to get my head in gear for the day and enjoyed taking some time to myself each morning for this!

My hair is my pride and joy. I am one very excited bride to be and my hair will be one of the main things on my big day that will make me feel at my most beautiful – I take a lot of care of it in general. I noticed that my hair felt more luxurious and thicker, it was certainly easier to style and it was easier to keep clean as it was more workable!

As with my hair, I am very careful with my skin. I take lots of beauty and skincare measures to ensure that I am looking after my skin as much as possible.

Since using the LQ Supplements, I haven’t had a single big break out. Granted, I’ve had the odd spot from too much chocolate or hormones but the skin on my face has been lovely and soft, plump and non-greasy. It has had a nice glow to it thanks to two weeks in Florida and I have never been told on so many occasions of how well I look!

Nails wise, this is where the LQ Supplements come into their own for me! I am a nail art addict, I paint my nails maybe three times a week, I am always being creative with my nails but it does take its toll.
While I am not blogging and typing away at my laptop at the speed of knots, I am at work typing away even quicker and so my hands and my nails are always the first place where stress appears on my body.

Since using the LQ Supplements, my nails have never felt more strong. The skin around my nails has stayed in form and not started to peel away like it usually does as we approach month end; my nails are so strong, it’s been difficult to file them! They look very uniform and smart and they are even easier to style!

Lasting impression?
Very happy!
In fact, I’ve already put in an order for some more – this bride is going to look her best on her big day, thanks to LQ Liquid Health Supplements!


** Items in this post were gifted in receipt of an honest blog post **


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